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Aug 15, 2006 04:08 PM

Quality Meat Review

Dined there on Saturday and was underwhelmed. the steaks were good had some flavor but 30 $ ea! i guess this being nyc one cant be too surprised... started with a dozen oysters and they were positively mediocre! small and not very appealing -my friends halibut looked good but he ordered 2 slices of'za later that nite! the sauteed spinach nothing to rave about and when we ordered a salad with blu cheese dressing we were told we dont serve b/c dressing! overall just ok wld only return on expense acct.....

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  1. I had a forgettable experience as well. We went for my grandmother's birthday and had a nice private area but rather incompetent staff. You would think with a large table in a private room we would get some special attention but instead we had 2 clueless waiters. Orders were forgotten, we had to beg for water refills and wine replenishment. The food was OK but underwhelming. Much better steak places in the city!

    1. I just ate there as well, and would have to agree with the above. Also, they use those sloping wine glasses and it seemed to me that you don't get much for the high price you pay for it.
      The other odd note-after they cleared our mains, they set the service for dessert, and when I told our waiter that we didn't wish dessert, he said "but the New York Post just listed our ice-cream as among the best in NY!"

      1. I've been there a few times so got to try a few things and have to disagree here. I thought the menu is better than most steak places. I really liked the appetizer selection and great ice creams. The steaks were definitely above average. Charred outside, cooked perfectly medium rare. Not better than the top steakhouses in city, but still really tasty. I've also had great service and love the dining room. Great wine selection. Sorry about the bad experiences here. However, $30 or above is not at all uncommon.