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Aug 15, 2006 03:46 PM

Where to go for a weekend in Anaheim area?

I'll be traveling to Anaheim near the end of September, and I'm searching for some good places to check out. I'm from Boston, so offering I wouldn't normally be able to find up here would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. The first thing that comes to mind is Thai Nakorn in Garden Grove []. The best thai in the southland. For a unique experience, I would also recommend Park Avenue in stanton []. Lastly, OC has some of the most legit vietnamese in the country, and tons of it, if you are so inclined.

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    1. Excellent BBQ at Tulsa Rib Company in nearby Orange. Also, Arthur's is a local institution known for breakfast and lunch.

      Second the recommendation on Jagerhaus for some excellent German food.

      Also Zov's Bistro in nearby Tustin for Greek/Mediterranean food.

      1. ..."I'm from Boston, so offering I wouldn't normally be able to find up here"...

        That's always a good idea; but, I've never been to Boston so I went to the MenuPages for Boston to see what you did have. Here are the number of cuisine restaurants represented that stood out to me out of the 1,240 restaurants listed:

        44 = Thai
        42 = Mexican
        16 = Vietnamese

        1 = German
        1 = African
        1 = Persian

        So the top 3 are available in Boston, they might be better here but still available there, so I'll concentrate on the 2nd 3.

        German - I will 3rd the rec for Jagerhaus in Aneheim cause it's close, afforadable, and serves 3 meals a day.

        African - The one place in Boston features Tunisian, Algerian, & some Moroccan so hopefully you'll have access to a car and can drive over to:

        Springbok - South African
        423-A Shoreline Village
        Long Beach
        (562) 437-3734

        Or, if your planning a drive down the coast:

        1740 S. Pacific Coast Highway
        Laguna Beach
        (949) 715-7100

        Detailed pictured blog-report:

        Persian - In Orange County, I'm clueless so I'll suggest something you probably don't have anything like in Bean Town:

        Honda Ya - Asian small plates (Tapas?) - Dinner only?
        556 El Camino Real
        (714) 832-0081

        Read the linked blogger's detailed and many pictured reports. There are 2, just scroll down past the first one:

        Then here's a report from one who acted on that blog-review: