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Pea Shoots - where to buy?

Does anyone know where to buy pea shoots in the downtown area? I am assuming some of the higher end grocery stores would carry them, but would love to avoid searching more than I have to...

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  1. I don't know where exactly, but I'm sure that you would be able to find them at St. Lawrence Market. I would also think that Whole Foods Market would have them.

    1. Downstairs in the St. Lawrence Market there's a shop that sells pretty much nothing but sprouts and shoots. I'd imagine they have 'em.

      1. I've seen them at Galleria (Korean supermarket in North York).

        Does anyone know what happened to Super Sprouts downtown?

        1. They're also at the Big Carrot on Danforth - not exactly downtown, I know.

          1. You can definitely get them at Uncles George's 416-601-2122, downstairs at the St. Lawrence Market. I buy them there all the time.

            1. I think some people may be answering about snow pea "sprouts" rather than snow pea "shoots" which are long, dark green shoots that you stir fry with garlic (had some at Swatow last week - yum!!!). In my experience, Chinatown or Asian grocers are your best bets - I've never seen them at Whole Foods and while they sometimes sell them at Harvest Wagon, they haven't had them there for months.

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                i agree with peppermint pate, any chinese grocer will have them in abundance. i think they're my favourite leafy vegetable by far!

              2. Yes, that's correct - I was thinking of the pea shoots vs. the sprouts (tho I like those as well)..I will check out the Chinese grocery stores in my area..I actually didn't realize they were associated with Asian style cooking..I'll ride over to St. Lawrence this weekend and check them out too..thanks for the info!

                1. Funny but I always connect pea shoots with late spring/early summer when peas are in season locally. That's when I get 'em at the early days of the annual farmers' markets around the GTA. Off-season shoots I've had have been pricey and very stringy. They don't seem to travel well. You might also look for "water spinach" or "tong cai" around the E. Asian markets--another green that does well with a quick stir fry.

                  1. I've bought them at "Meat in the Beach"....Queen St. E/Woodbine Ave.

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