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Prior to the Dodger Game with a 12:10 PM Start Time With Alcohol

JAB Aug 15, 2006 03:39 PM

Any recs besides Dim Sum and Tsing Tao that early in the area around Dodger Stadium?

  1. PaulF Aug 15, 2006 04:34 PM

    There must be places downtown.

    Pacific Dining Car has good breakfast, fwiw.

    I've never been to Taix, but my horse playing buddies like to drink there and watch horse races, is that any good?

    1. ipsedixit Aug 15, 2006 04:52 PM

      Well, Philippes serves wine ...

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      1. re: ipsedixit
        JAB Aug 15, 2006 05:35 PM

        Thanks, not a wine crowd.

      2. Dommy Aug 15, 2006 04:59 PM

        If it's on the weekend, good microbrew has a TON of beers and is open at 9am... they fully endorse a beer to start the day... :)



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        1. re: Dommy
          PaulF Aug 15, 2006 05:03 PM

          The 12:00 game this week is on Wednesday, Dommy.

          They used to call these "business man specials," though that term isn't used so much anymore. But if you watch the game on television, you'll see lots of guys in shirts and ties in the stands and these days they'll all be on their cell phones checking for messages.

          Yes, I am a wealth of trivial information.

          1. re: PaulF
            ipsedixit Aug 15, 2006 05:05 PM

            If it's on a weekday, you should definitely consider TRAXX in Union Station.


            1. re: ipsedixit
              JAB Aug 15, 2006 05:51 PM

              Thanks, Traxx doesn't open until 11:30.

            2. re: PaulF
              Dommy Aug 15, 2006 05:09 PM

              Yeah, I remember those early bird week games, which is why I wanted to make sure. I agree with the Traxx rec... Bloody Mary!! :)


            3. re: Dommy
              JAB Aug 15, 2006 05:35 PM

              Thanks but, it's tomorrow.

            4. JAB Aug 15, 2006 05:37 PM

              They used to be 1:05 start times but, are now 12:10. That makes getting in a lunch and a few drinks much more difficult.

              1. c
                carter Aug 15, 2006 05:45 PM

                El Compadre is near the entrance on Sunset Blvd. Not sure when they open, yet they are very sports-oriented with tvs on, etc. and draw a typical Dodger crowd, so I would call to verify if they might be opening in time to get you started, and of course with full bar including their famous "flaming margaritas".

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                1. re: carter
                  JAB Aug 15, 2006 05:58 PM

                  Thanks, not open until 11.

                  1. re: JAB
                    carter Aug 15, 2006 07:05 PM

                    So you miss the first inning, have lunch and 2 drinks, then go in.

                2. j
                  Jack Flash Aug 15, 2006 06:09 PM

                  I don't know why they moved the game time up so early, as it makes it much more difficult to do what you want to do.

                  I hope there's a designated driver, as I do NOT recommend driving after consuming copious amounts of alcohol.

                  You're going to have a hard time finding restaurants open early enough to get your buzz on pregame. But here's an idea.

                  Ye Rustic Inn, on Hillhurst in Los Feliz. It's probably only 15 minutes tops to the stadium from there, using surface streets (and there's more than one route possible). As it's a bar, it opens kinda early, probably by 10. I don't know what time they start serving food, but they have darned good wings and burgers. You might want to call for info. on hours, etc.

                  1831 Hillhurst (at Russell)

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                  1. re: Jack Flash
                    PaulF Aug 15, 2006 06:53 PM

                    The Rustic opens at 9, I'm pretty sure

                  2. mr mouther Aug 15, 2006 06:23 PM

                    The eastside deli/ market opens at 8am. i'm pretty sure they have alcohol. if not - grab a sandwich to go and tailgate

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                    1. re: mr mouther
                      JAB Aug 15, 2006 07:06 PM

                      Eastside is definately under consideration. I don't remember that they serve alcohol. We were considering calling them to see if they would let us bring beer in.

                      Considering tailgating, the last time that we did, we were endlessly harrassed and not for drinking. A no tailgating policy is down right un-american.

                    2. s
                      Slow Foodie Aug 15, 2006 06:55 PM

                      Barragan's would seem perfect. They have a full bar and the food is usually quite fine. Very close to the stadium.

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                      1. re: Slow Foodie
                        JAB Aug 15, 2006 07:09 PM

                        Thanks, they don't open until 11.

                      2. c
                        coopxl Aug 16, 2006 03:27 AM

                        If you just wanna drink then check out The Shortstop.

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                        1. re: coopxl
                          mattesq Aug 16, 2006 05:07 AM

                          The Shortstop is definetly not open.

                        2. j
                          Jesdamala Aug 16, 2006 03:37 AM

                          As mentioned, Pacific Dining Car, opened 24 hours. Give yourself time to get to the stadium, but hey, breakfast and a Bloody Mary or two, or three, whatever. Or a steak and fries or whatever. Costly, without a doubt.

                          1. i
                            ickster Aug 16, 2006 05:18 AM

                            How about La Parilla on Sunset Blvd.? They are open early for breakfast, have mexican breakfasts such as chilaquiles and various egg dishes. They also serve alcohol.

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                            1. re: ickster
                              JAB Aug 16, 2006 02:56 PM

                              Excellent suggestion. There's 1 on Cesar Chavez as well.

                              1. re: ickster
                                DanaB Aug 16, 2006 07:01 PM

                                La Parilla on Sunset in Silverlake only has a beer and wine license. So, beers yes, bloody marys, no.

                                1. re: DanaB
                                  Silver Lake Guy Aug 18, 2006 03:47 PM

                                  Not sure that's correct - La Parilla on Sunset in Silver Lake serves margaritas...

                                  1. re: Silver Lake Guy
                                    DanaB Aug 18, 2006 05:03 PM

                                    They do serve margaritas, but they are made with wine. No hard liquor license.

                                    1. re: DanaB
                                      Silver Lake Guy Aug 18, 2006 07:09 PM

                                      Aha! They are not forthcoming about this fact ;) Thx.

                              2. JAB Aug 17, 2006 01:46 AM

                                La Parilla doesn't start serving lunch until 11 so, we ended up at Empress which had a very limited selection that early on a weekday. Don't even get me started on how poorly the Dodgers played today.

                                1. m
                                  mattyshack Aug 17, 2006 02:01 AM

                                  No one here mentioned the Stadium Club. Has anyone ever eaten there? I have tickets to get in, but have tried it yet

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                                  1. re: mattyshack
                                    scoot Aug 19, 2006 09:14 PM

                                    This is after the fact, but since nobody mentioned it, you could try Red Lion Tavern on Glendale Blvd. Can't vouch for the German food, but nothing is better before (or after) a game than a Hefeveizen or two at this spot.

                                    And for those reading this post sometime in the future, the game that was discussed ended the best Dodger run in something like 100 years......with a 15-4 loss!

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