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Aug 15, 2006 03:36 PM

What's up with Costco?

Ok. I hope nobody's going to get angry at me, but what's up with shopping at Costco? I see lots of posts where people talk about doing their groceries at Costco. You would think that, of all people, Chowhounds would appreciate the labour and work of small, local groceries and food stores.

To me, unless you have a big family, shopping at Costco or any other huge chain supermarket is just killing the small and more personnal businesses around.

Am I the only one to think that way?

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  1. It's cheap, we can drive our SUV's there, get everything we need, and fill up at the same time!

    Actually, it is good for certain things . . . so called "raw ingredients" and us CH's love to cook. I mean, if you're gonna chop and stew the onions and peppers, why not get the best price for them?

    Speciality ingredients I still get from local stores and will continue to do so because, well COSTCO doesn't sell everything :¬)

    TT (does not drive an SUV).

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      Just a little reminder, Folks-

      Chowhound is about food and drink, please focus on the food and beverage items available at Costco. Discussion of non food items, Costco's business model, whether or not Costco is a socially responsible company, or the impact of big business on small independent businesses, etc. are not appropriate for this forum.

      Please help us maintain the value of Chowhound as a data trove for information on finding great food and drink.


    2. We buy all our paper (TP, paper towels, tissues), health and beauty, storage bags, juice, bottled water and other misc. stuff at BJ's (another wholesale club) because we can get a lot at once and because it's cheaper than at our local grocery store. We don't buy anything perishable.

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        Yeah, toilet paper, tissues, washing powder, all that good stuff, too! I forgot about that!


      2. There are a lot of interesting frozen and fresh foodstuffs that are often difficult to get at the local grocery store. For example, big bags of frozen edamame or jap snacks.

        Also, because of their commercial orientation (as differentiated from Sam's Club's consumer orientation) it is possible to get large quantities of restaurant-quality dinners and appetizers for really good prices, making them great for catering a party.

        1. Every year they have great deals on dried Porcinis and other mushrooms. I keep it in the freezer because it is such a large amount.

          I also buy their very reasonably priced orchids, which look beautiful on the dinner table.

          1. The original comment has been removed