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Aug 15, 2006 03:19 PM

Kosher Mint Tins

to all hounds --

my sibs and i are making our parents an anniversary party and we would like to order tins of kosher mints, with their wedding pic on the tins. i found a couple of sites that do this, but the mints are not certified kosher. can anyone recommend sites that provide this novelty w/ certified kosher mints? i'd appreciate quick responses...thanks.

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    1. Amusemints is scroll-k (parve, I think). Try "" and you can go from there.

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      1. re: texasmensch

        FYI: I checked this out and must sadly report that "" is a vacant url. According to Google, the homepage for Amusemints is supposed to be (not ".com"), but I can't vouch for that either because the link to that site for some reason did not work on my browser. I checked another Google-referred site for Amusemints,, but didn't see any reference there to what the poster seeks.

      2. Per a quick Google search, the following are some sites that claim to have kosher personalized mint tins (but do not necessarily provide the source of their hashgacha). These sites also tend to be oriented toward weddings, but an anniversary party doesn't seem too much of a thematic stretch from that: (site says some of the mints are "Star-K Kosher Parve"


        ...and that's just a few of them. I'm not sure if any of these sites can scan your parent's picture onto the tin, but each offers numerous personalization options, so I suspect that finding one that can incorporate a photo shouldn't be too much of a problem. Regardless, here is the Google link I used:

        Best of luck, and mazel tov to your parents!

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        1. re: Arthur

          thanks much for your comments, wishes and ideas. fyi --
 is a good site for this and the mints are under the hashgacha of StarK.

        2. you might also try Illinois Nut - under CRC supervison -