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Aug 15, 2006 02:51 PM

Boston Organics Wild Blueberries

Last week I had an email from Boston Organics offering customers the opportunity to add a 5 pound box of organic, Maine Wild Blueberries to our orders. (Price - $25.00)

Without a car, I was not able to follow up on the kind message from another Chowhound that there were wonderful wild blueberries at Russo's. I snapped up this opportunity. While I do love the cultivated berries we get from the Farmers' Markets, I adore their wild cousins. Organic is even better!

Mine just arrived and they are the flavor I remember from childhood blueberry picking! They fill your mouth with a deep, sweet essence of blueberryness.

Husband and I both had them for breakfast and I have a strainer of them sitting by the sink for all day snacking.

I packed them in ten containers and popped five in the freezer. I'll make some muffins and feast on the others all week.

If you have a Boston Organics delivery scheduled, I would recommend adding this to your order. If you have a fruit delivery you may have a half pint of these beauties to sample this week.

I hope the folks at Boston Organics make other, seasonal offers like this in the future.

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  1. I ordered 2 boxes and can't wait. MMMM real blueberry pie.

    1. I got the 1/2 pint of those wild blueberries in my box this week and agree. They were great. My first thought was, wait, I taste that fake blueberry flavor! Maybe I never had real blueberries?? Must have developed the formulas for those fake fruit flavors back before they engineered fruit to travel well.