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Aug 15, 2006 02:44 PM

Halal butchers,. Atlantic Ave

Hello all, I have been depriving myself of lamb because of costs for the last couple of years, while constantly craving it (it's been rough!)...I suddenly realized, duh, I live right near the halal butchers on Atlantic Avenue! I did a search and found some older posts suggesting Fertile Crescent or another place across from a parking lot...any recent experience with either place, and what can I expect price-wise? I'm interested in legs, chops, ribs, stew meat, almost anything otehr than a whole lamb. Would very much appreciate input. Also, anyone had lamb ribs? Sounds so good!!

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  1. Ive shopped at the halal butcher nearest to Court Street on a number of occasions - nice people and they will custom cut for you.

    Ive purchased goat and lamb meat there.

    If you are farther out in Brooklyn, the Turkish grocery in Sunset Park (60th and 8th Ave) also has a halal butcher - I bought some lovely lamb ribs there a couple months ago.

    Finally, the lamb people who come into the GAP farmers market sell nice lamb ribs (Im not sure they are there in summer)

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      Thanks for the sunset park suggestion, I would love an excuse to do some marketing there anyway. I'm dying to try lamb ribs...thanks Jen, always helpful.

    2. prunefeet, Let me know what you think of the lamb ribs. I found them way too fatty for my taste.

      I have been to a few of the butchers on the south side of Atlantic, from Court on east, and found them to be good quality.

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      1. re: chowkitty

        I will. Also, I plan to go to costa rica next spring, and will check out your reco there (snooped at your profile)!

      2. If you are happy with the meat you get from these butcher shops, great. I feel a need to point out, however, that their food handling might not be up to the standards of some other neighborhood butchers. I have seen whole, skinned lambs being dragged from the floor of a stripped out, rusty van and delivered to the butcher shops on Atlantic Ave on several occassions. To be fair, these conditions are probably not unlike those one would find in the huge ConAgra slaughter houses, but that's another issue altogether.

        On the plus side, the meat may be local. I suspect that some of the meat sold in these butcher shops comes from the vendors along Third Ave in Sunset Park. Whether those facilities house live sheep and the like, I couldn't say, but there are certainly plenty of live poultry vendors in that area.

        Whatever the case, I just thought I'd share this information in the interest of full disclosure. If someone knows differently, please feel free to dispute the above.

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        1. re: Greg

          Point taken, and I won't say it hasn't occurred to me. I think I will choose to ignore it, barring anything glaring I may see. I also choose to eat street food in third world countries, so it's always a gamble.

        2. Assured quality and pricewise, you would do lot btter at FAIRWAY. Thenprices at STAUBITZ on Court Street are a litle higher, but the quality is the best.

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          1. re: Fleur

            Fairway? I didn't think they were so cheap. Staubitz is great, but way out of my range. I almost joined costco just to get the cheap, good quality lamb. BUt it's pretty far from my house and I have no car. I guess I could brave the crowds at Fairway and take a look. Thanks for the suggestions.

          2. One of the shops on Atlantic has a sign in the window that reads "sacrificed goat heads, half off". I'd avoid that place.

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            1. re: erikka

              That sounds like a winner!! I'm not ready for a head, but the sign doesn't turn me off either.

              1. re: prunefeet

                ditto - the goat from these places is very good btw.

              2. re: erikka

                Where have you seen this sign? I walk the stretch of Atlantic Avenue daily and, unless it's in Arabic, have not seen this sign.

                1. re: lambretta76

                  Not in arabic, and it's on the far end of Atlantic, past Smith St. It might not be up anymore--maybe the burnt goat head ( market edged them out of business. Saw it twice but haven't been back in the area in teh last six months--for all I know there could could be a Duane Reade there now.