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Bento Box Website?

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A wile back there was a great post about bento boxes and someone posted a link to great web site selling all different kinds. I tried searching to no avail. I want to get one in lieu of a lunch box for my son this year.

Recipes/ideas appreciated too!

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    1. If you don't mind doing mail-order from Japan, there's a great selection of bento boxes at Jbox.com. I haven't ordered from Jbox (yet), but a friend bought a domo-kun doll from them and was pleased with the service.


      Or, if shipping from Japan is too expensive, I bet that some Amazon.com vendors also offer bento boxes. I know I've seen the tall metal-jar style of bento.


      1. You definitely need to check out www.korin.com for bento boxes and all things Japanese.

        They are in NYC, so no huge shipping costs.

        Korin is the major importer of Japanese goods for restaurants and has recently expanded into the home market.

        1. you might find something by visiting the bento boxes flickr group: http://www.flickr.com/groups/bentoboxes/

            1. Lock & Lock makes good quality air tight plastic storage containers. Their divided ones work nicely as lunch boxes. They make ones with fixed dividers and with removable inner containers. Many Asian groceries (especially Korean) carry this brand. Amazon has some as well, though I didn't see any divided ones. I've seen similar items at storables-container shops.

              Something like this isn't a classy or cute as the boxes on Korin and other web sites, but it may be more practical.


              1. If you don't have enough suggestions...;-)


                They have a lot of great reusable lunch box ideas. I love the Sigg bottles.