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Aug 15, 2006 02:05 PM

Downtown Portland - What are best spots for breakfast/Brunch and Lunch?

Interested in the best food in portland in downtown area, not the most expensive although willing to pay for quality. Any suggestions?
I'm staying at the Benson Hotel.

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  1. Mothers Bistro on 2nd and Stark
    The Red Star Tavern on Alder & 5th Ave
    you are very close to the Pearl District, you can walk or take the streetcar to the Pearl Bakery or Fullers on NW 8th ..
    Everett Street Bistro on 12th & Everett serves Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner..very nice.

    1. Lorn & Dotty's, located about a block north of Mother's, on 2nd, is a very good breakfast spot. Their egg dishes are accompanied by a variety of wonderful breakfast breads.

      1. If you're here on a Sunday, the Daily Cafe in the Pearl has an excellent brunch. 12th and Lovejoy or thereabouts.

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          Close..13th & Kearny..and I agree, Excellent !