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Aug 15, 2006 01:55 PM

Lunch alone in Victoria, Calgary and Edmonton

Will be travelling next week for work and spending a day in the core of each city. Looking for excellent lunch spots with a budget around $30 each meal including a pint. Any thoughts? Thanks.

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  1. For Calgary, I would suggest sitting at the bar at Divino's...the lobster canneloni is very good. A few other ideas would include the following:
    Silver Dragon-Dim Sum
    Sushi Hiro
    The Siding Cafe
    The Belevedere-is rather expensive but very good.
    BTW the best pint of Guinness would be at the James Joyce Pub...the food is not bad either.

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      Thanks, I'm more of a Newcastle Brown guy myself. In addition to my first post, if anyone knows of places in those cities where I can get a pint of either Newcastle Brown or Kronenbourg 1664 along with an excellent meal, that would be much appreciated. I know places serving those beers can be hard to find in Canada, so if not, just the food responses would be great. Thanks.

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        According to their beer list, Bottlescrew Bill's in Calgary has Kronenbourg on tap (and Newcastle Brown in cans), but I can't honestly recommend the food. If you do think of swinging by for a quick pint at some point, you may want to call ahead, since they are sometimes out of some of their beers.

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          What you could do though is have your meall at Buzzard's next door. I find the food their much better than at Bill's (more restautant than pub grun) and you can still order off Bill's beer list!

          TCB, this restaurant pub duo is on 1st Street SW between 10th and 11th AVE Downtown

    2. Which part of downtown Edmonton will you be in, and will you need to eat fairly close by or do you have a little bit of time to wander further?

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        I will be free in Edmonton all day till 4pm, fly in AM, so I am free to go anywhere downtown area.

      2. You can certainly get good food and a decent pint...not sure about the Kronenbourg which I do not recollect having seen locally [BC or AB] the Irish Times just off Government or Douglas in Victoria immediately above Bastion Square.
        It is a "Guiness Pub" in a beautifully restored former bank building.

        I had some delicious food there when last in Victoria.

        They probably have the "Geordie Brew" on tap. Newcastle Brown can be found in many Canadian pubs especially those frequented by ex-pats.

        Otherwise, time permitting, head to either Swans or Spinnakers for good pub food and their home brewed...cask aged in some

        Canoe, a little further into Chinatown is also good.

        Here in Edmonton try Sherlock Holmes on Rice Howard Way or The Rose and Crown in the Sutton Place Hotel. I know the latter has "Newkie Brown" on tap. Not sure about the latter.

        Enjoy your trip. Sounds like a good one.