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Aug 15, 2006 01:40 PM

RW - Rialto

We had dinner at Rialto a couple of days ago. The place was packed, so I guess RW is working for them.

I had the potato gnocchi, grilled bluefish and flan. DH had the serrano (recommendation of waiter), pork tenderloin and espresso torta. I found my dinner pleasant, nothing exciting or disappointing. DH was much happier with his meal and judging from the samples I tasted, he made better choices. The serrano was as good as the waiter had said. It was perfectly paired with agrodolce peaches. The pork tenderloin came with bacon and beans, a combination I thought a little heavy. The pork was fine, the bacon and beans simply fantastic - great flavors in small bites. The espresso torta was a dense chocolate wedge with little or no espresso but very nice nonetheless.

Service was prompt, a little too much so. Dishes were cleared the instant a fork or glass was laid down. We were not offered any coffee or tea, just the check. At the adjoining table, the wait staff started to clear the table while the diners were still eating. This was the only objectionable part of the RW experience, the hustle of the restaurant to turn the table over.

I've dined at Rialto before and not been overly impressed. That could be the choices I've made. DH is ready to go back, I'm not so sure.

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  1. This is helpful! I've got reservations at Rialto next week (for RW) and now I know probably not to get the bluefish. Thanks!

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      The pork tenderloin is definitely the main to get IMO. Icarus does a wonderful bluefish which I had a few weeks ago. Rialto's bluefish is fine, just not in the stellar category.

    2. We're off to Rialto this evening. As we are not pork eaters, I plan to call them later in the day to find out what the RW menu options are. Anybody out there already know?

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      1. Dax --

        Wasn't aware that the menu was on the net. Many thanks.

        1. We were there last night. It was a fairly pleasant RW experience. The place was packed, and they were running a bit behind, but we waited in the bar area with a glass of wine and both Jody and Michela Larson were coming around chatting with people and offering little bites (fried sole strips and salmon ceviche on a cuke slice) to those waiting. Very gracious.

          We had the serrano jamon and gnocchi apps. I really liked the gnocchi. The jamon was fine, just not as interesting. I had the pork entree- pink and juicy with not too much sauce, it was a litte plain, but good anyway. The pork belly with it is really good. Our other entree was the bluefish, which we both liked, but we are bluefish fans. DH especially liked the crispy skin. Yeah, I know it's bad for you, full of PCBs and all, but it's only a little and pork belly isn't exactly health food either...

          Service was fine- we didn't feel rushed at all.

          We've eaten at Rialto at non-RW times, and the food is better, but this was very nice for the price.

          1. Had dinner last night. We had an 8:00 reservation but didn't get seated until 8:40. The place was hopping. And during our meal the tables kept turning over which was surprising since I thought they stopped serving at 10:00

            During our wait in the lounge they offered several free appetizer tastings. Chilled gazpacho, duck pate, tomato and ricotta on toasted baguette, salmon on cucumber slices.

            Dinner was fine. The gnocci was great although a huge dish with only 4 gnocchi. Definitely the app to start with. The spiced chicken was a good-sized portion and the salmon was tasty as well. We tried the sorbet and flan, with the flan being the winner.

            The room was noisy and the meal a bit fast paced, especially after having waited 40 minutes to get a table in the first place. They get you in and out even with a late reservation. However, all the food was delicious and I'd recommend it, although I believe tonight is the last night for RW.