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Aug 15, 2006 01:39 PM

Absolute Ruby Red

Last night Mr. Janet, my stedaughter and I went to an Absolute Ruby Red party downtown where they were introducing cocktails made with Absolute Ruby Red vodka. I tend to steer clear of flavored vodka, but this was free, so why not.

We all really enjoyed. The vodka has a nice bite and isn't too sweet and doesn't have a weird aftertaste or anything. I can't remember the name of the cocktail we each had but it was Ruby Red vodka, tonic, a very small splash of cranberry and a squeeze of lime. Light and refreshing.

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  1. I tried it a couple of weeks ago at Heathrow's duty-free -- I was already loosened up by the scotch sampling we'd done. I thought it would make a good mixer, and I love grapefruit, but didn't buy any. The funny part was a little old Russian lady who bellied up to the counter with my boyfriend and I. We tasted, made eyebrow raised 'Hmm, okay, what do you think?' faces at each other and she spat hers out, Ptoo! She made disgusted faces and said in a thick accent, "No. No! In Russia, vodka *is.* No (waves hands around, probably signifying 'flavors' or 'fruitiness'), not that. Just vodka!" and she stalked off.

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      Much as I love that cultural moment, (being of russian descent and having studied and worked there), the russkis are likely the ones who INVENTED infusions - lemon, orange, zubrovka... I've seen many a Russian take great care at their kitchen table to get all the pith off the orange rind with a razor blade. She was just being ornery! :)

      Danzka's good, and you can easily make ruby red grapefruit infusion yourself.

    2. I tried a chilled shot of Absolut Ruby Red a couple of weeks ago, and didn't enjoy it as much as I hoped I would. I expected more grapefruit flavor, to the degree which Danzka grapefruit vodka delivers, except a less tart ruby red version...but the flavor I got seemed more watermelon rind-like, with an artificial aftertaste.

      Maybe I will try it again in a cocktail. It's possible that it should be mixed for the grapefruit flavor to come out.

      1. I was hoping that the reviews would be wonderful or at least favorable. I, too, am a huge grapefruit lover. I love the stuff and anything that even smells like it. No supermarkets so far have it so I can't buy it yet. I could go into a liquor store but it's not that important. It was mentioned that it had a watermelon flavor and funny thing is, I bought watermelon flavored vodka yesterday as well as Frosted sour apple vodka. I was in the store to get the grapefruit however and to no avail.

        How good is the Danzka? Where is it available? Is it worth buying or forget the whole thing and just buy ruby red grapefruit and add it to regular vodka?

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          Danzka is worth buying, if you can find it, but I haven't seen it in my local state store--and a search on brings up nothing. If you'd like to sample it at a bar, Sugar Mom's in Old City carries it. Danzka has a very definitive, tart grapefruit flavor and aroma.

          Fresh ruby red grapefruit and a nice vodka sounds delicious, though, if you prefer to enjoy it at home.

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            Whoops, I forgot this isn't the PA board. If you happen to be in Philadelphia, that's where Sugar Mom's is located.

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              I am in Philly this weekend. Where is Sugar Mom's cause I will go there. Promise! Thanks.......

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                225 church street between 2nd and 3rd. that's about a block, if that, from the hotel I will be checking into. lurve it when I get lucky like this. thanks for sharing this informative information

          2. This is a new fave of mine. One of the best things is the aroma - it smells so good. I like it like this: 1 1/2 oz Ruby Red Vodka, 1 1/2 oz cranberry juice top with club soda/sparkling water.

            1. I finally found it to buy. I also bought fizzy water to go with it over ice. It is okay, I won't buy it again. Nothing special about it to me, I'd rather cut up real grapefruit and add the sliced to regular vod.