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Aug 15, 2006 01:24 PM

School Starts Soon-- Lunchbox Ideas?

My kids (ages 6 and 7) are pretty good eaters-- can anyone share for me some of their favorite kid lunchbox ideas or recipes? Always a challenge for me to keep it interesting!

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  1. How about making up your own lunchables. You can add diferent things every day to a compartmentalized tupperware dish. You could put in any number of rice crackers, whole grain/wheat crakcers, lavash, flat bread, pita bread etc. a million types of cheese and meats (preferably not the sulphite laden deli meat) or beans, trail mixes, dips, apple slices, or any other fruit for that matter.

    You could possibly drag them along to the grocery store to have them pick out the 'lunchables' componenets to add.


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      It was always fun to have hot meals , like chili or chicken soup with crackers. My son is allergic to bread, and the gluten-free bread is best if fresh toasted so we have had to get creative. We use rice cakes, but also do apples cored out with peanut butter in the middle. You can mix the peanut butter with raisins or shredded carrots to mix it up. Tacos travel well in parts (meat or veggie filling in a thermos, or cold, tortillas separately). Peanut noodle salad can be eaten at room temp and my kids like that. <Of course this is assuming you don't have a nut free school> I loved pita sandwiches as a kid, hummus with bell pepper slices if they like that is fun too. I found a few websites so you might do a search. I can't remember their suggestions.

    2. Didn't I read on this board recently about bento boxes being sort of popular nowadays for kids? I thought I did; sounds like an idea worth looking into.