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Aug 15, 2006 01:21 PM

Oregon Coast

I will be on the coast next week between Astoria and Newport. I was planning on eating a lot of salmon, but I've heard that salmon fishing has been curtailed south of Florence due to problems in the Klamath river. Does this affect the North Coast as well? Also, what's up with the oysters? Will I be able to get any at all? Thanks for the replies. Info is a little hard to come by as I'm currently living on the least coast.

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  1. I don't know about oysters, but local salmon might be hard to come by (unless you catch it yourself--looks like sport fishing is still open.). The commercial season north of Florence to the Oregon border was opened for a only few days at the beginning of August and won't be opened again until late September (and then for only a few days again.) The commercial season from the Oregon border to the Canadian border is open a few more days in August so you might find fish caught in Washington, I don't know.
    Here's where I found my information:

    1. This isn't the best time of year, any year, for most oysters, but the problem getting all of the publicity is in Puget Sound. You shouldn't expect the Puget Sound problem to show up where you'll be.

      1. I don't know much about salmon at this time of year on the coast...just have two recs for Newport. For dinner--Sharky's (or Shark's?--I'm having a brain drain at the moment). They steam cook everything and it's truly a unique and tasty (not to mention healthy) experience. Plan to return if you're there two nights. And, the Whale's Tale has amazing breakfasts. Pancakes and bacon are both especially good.

        1. Thanks to all who replied. I'll be camping for a couple days and was planning on cooking fish on the campfire. Can anyone point me to good fish markets in/around Astoria or Lincoln City. (I was really hoping for some Chinook, but I'll eat whatever they have.)

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            If you're looking to buy fresh fish in the Newport area, try this place:
            They sell fresh fish, smoked fish, and the best fish and chips I've ever eaten (when we were last there, you could have cod, halibut, salmon and one other choice but don't recollect). Also, they'll cook your crab catch for you.