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Aug 15, 2006 01:21 PM

Chenery Park?

Looking to try Chenery Park tonight, lured by their "kids night." How's the food? What to order?

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  1. The Mac & Cheese is their signature dish, and it's pretty tasty (though I prefer the sharper cheesiness of Farmer Brown's Mac). They serve it baked in a shallow dish with a nice vevety texture & lots of toasty breadcrumbs. The grilled salmon was great. I especially liked the accompaniments - mashed potatoes, sauteed tat-soi & pickled red onions rounded out the flavors very nicely. The double-thick pork chop is brined & grilled, giving it a super juicy, savory & smoky taste. The dessert course is consistently pleasing, with my most recent favorite being a cheese combo plate with apples, caramel sauce & a huge wedge of mimolette. The wine by the glass selection is well-priced and extensive. You may be tempted by the kids night, but the food is a nice reason to come back. Altogether, it's nothing too groundbreaking, but comfortable food and a very nice night out.

    1. I went there with two friends and it certainly is kid friendly on Tuesdays, which is nice. I thought the food was okay, and the service pretty rooky...i am sorry, but they were two young guys and no coordination. i thought the meatloaf was pretty good, but would definetly avoid the pastas. They were subpar to say the least. I would venture towards the chicken/steak menu items. dessert was solid

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        I don't recall ever seeing a meatloaf on the menu at Chenery Park, though I have eaten there a number of times, and the menu doesn't list one on their website (which has been recently redone I believe). Was it a special?

        Service has always been the high point of dining there for me. Really nice folks; although they are opening a new place in the Castro and some of the staff may move there....desserts are good, as is the pork chop. Salads are usually very good as well.

        1. re: susancinsf

          I haven't been to Chenery Park in years, but for some reason I do recall a meatloaf being one of their strong suits.

          1. re: susancinsf

            According to the website the meatloaf is the Tuesday night special. To see the specials, click on the link at the top of the dinner menu page.

            1. re: Nancy Berry

              aha! that explains why I've never seen it on the menu...I confess that I avoid Tuesday nights because it is family night...

              Thanks for the clarification!

        2. I've been once, recently, for kiddie night. I thought the food was really solid, and the adults all ordered Sazeracs. I liked the service, personally. It's too expensive for us to go every week. I don't remember what I have, but I usually go for the beef/pork/duck/lamb/veal offerings on a menu.

          1. okay, so here's my report--just got back. kid friendliness, service, and atmosphere get high marks from this family with two little ones. appetizers were: truly excellent pate plate; very good roast fig crostini; decent clams with an overpowering bacon note; and passable shrimp. Three of us had the local wild albacore "nicoise" with heirloom tomatoes and it was pretty darn pedestrian, which seemed unnecessary. You'd have to be completely tone deaf to blow this dish at this time of year, in my view. But apparently somebody's tone deaf. The porcini bolognese pappardelle, on the other hand, was pretty sumptuous comfort food, if a little heavy. and yes, the desserts were all very, very strong.