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Aug 15, 2006 12:15 PM

Restaurant Week Reviews (Radius)

Had lunch at Radius a couple of days ago for Restaurant Week. It was my first time at Radius and I have to say that it was a good meal but not absolutely fabulous. I'm not even sure I'll return. In comparison to the other super-hyped restaurants, I'd rather spend my money at Lumiere or Mistral if I want good French food. The service, however, was amazing.

Here's what I had - chilled gazpacho soup, poached chicken w/ mushrooms, and watermelon sorbet.

Any other people had a less-than-stellar experience at Radius too? Or want to share their restaurant week reviews?

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  1. I just don't think it's fair to judge a fine restaurant for lunch during Restaurant Week. My experience with Radius has been for dinner, not during Restaurant Week, and has always been stellar. I'd rather spend my money not during Restaurant Week.

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      1. My one and only meal was at Radius during Restaurant Week two years ago. I left unimpressed by the food and the service, both of which were OK, no more. The experience left me with no desire to return. I understand that Restaurant Week is unrepresentative of the full monty, but isn't the goal of Restaurant Week to win return business? Otherwise, what's the point? I left Radius with the impression that the joint was an overrated, overpriced dud (with drinks and tip the tab for two came out to more than $100, so this wasn't exactly cheap eats territory, not that I was expecting to pay less). A restaurant doesn't get a pass for participating in Restaurant Week and not delivering a memorable occasion.

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          Radius was in a lull a couple of years ago; it has since bounced back considerably from what I've observed and what others report.

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            I had a very nice non-restaurant week lunch at Radius in June but had a very dissappointing restaurant week dinner at Via Matta, another Michael Schlow restaurant. So Michael if you are reading, why not make restaurant week meals memorable. It could be good for your business.

          2. Katzzz writes: "A restaurant doesn't get a pass for participating in Restaurant Week and not delivering a memorable occasion." Right on, sistah or brother. If RW is such a bad idea, why do restaurants keep participating every year, and why did they extend it to two weeks this year? I return to restaurants who give good service and a good food (a good bang for the buck is always a plus in my book). While I don't expect to get the regular menu, I do expect something delicious and inspired. I do not return to restaurants who give bad service no matter what the price. Lucca, for example, does not participate in RW but I have returned there based on the overall experience I had during the one year that they did. Ditto on Stanhope Grille and Davios.

            1. Just wanted to add that RW are usually held during very slow months; August this year and mid September last year.
              For ilustration purposes only, I recently received an email from a restaurant mailing (it has been in business for more than 10 years and that everytime I go seems pretty full to me) which openly stated that since August is a very slow month they were offering a dinner entree for free for anyone that would buy a bottle of wine.
              I feel RW is a quantitative rather than a qualitative attempt/alternative to pay the bills of opeating costs for these months.

              1. Getting back to the original topic - yes, I had a mixed reaction to Radius the first (and only) time I ate there, non-RW. I wrote it up at the time - see