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Aug 15, 2006 07:57 AM

best restaurant values in the Boston area?

What are the best restaurant values you know of in the Boston area?

My nominee is Ten Tables's Tuesday wine dinners. They're four courses with wine for $35. I've tried it twice and will do so again in the future. The food deserves their 26 Zagat rating. The service is expert too, but the setting is crowded and noisy. I've only been there for the Tuesday wine dinners, but their regular menu, 4-course vegetarian menu, and Wednesday 3 course $25 deal also sound like outstanding values. Ten Table is in Jamaica Plain.

And of course Restaurant Week is a great value.

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  1. Trattoria Toscana
    Franklin Cafe

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      Funny: those were the first two places that popped into my head! Now I have to ponder some others...

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      1. There's a related article in today's Calendar section.

        1. North Street Grill (three course prix fixe with wine also 35) is my vote for the best bargain in town. LOVE LOVE that place. The menu changes frequently so I can keep going back!

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            Count me as a fan of North Street Grille also! Love their tuna tartare with seaweed salad and chips, grilled rib-eye and rosemary fries, mac and cheese, burgers and sandwiches, and last time the crab tacos and hoisin beef lettuce wraps.

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              Had a very good steak tips recently. Nice fries, good rosemary aroma, not super crispy, but that's a minor issue. Good marinate on the steak tips, perhaps a bit too much dressing on the side salad, but really shouldn't be complaining, especially given the very reasonable prices.

              They're also offering a burger and a beer for $10.

            2. North Street Grill's menu intrigues me, particularly the Truffled Lobster Risotto. Menu description and price look great. Describe quantity and quality, if you've tried it.

              Drooling in anticipation ...