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Aug 15, 2006 07:41 AM

"Bold" letters?

A newbie question.

Love the new format, but wouldn't it be great if we can make certain words jump out from long string of posts by making them stand out in BOLD LETTERS? You'll be able to spot names of the restaurants while skimming the text.

Sort of like how Chowhound does it in search results, but this would be in the posting text body.

I'd imagine the poster will have to do it (and we'll all have to be trained to do it I suppose)but if it can happen semi automatically even better.

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  1. I'm guessing, but on other boards you have to use special syntax.

    by starting the post with < b > (losing the spaces) you <b>start your sentence in bold</b> and by ending it in < / b > you end the formatting.

    I'm going to look pretty dumb if this doesn't work.

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    1. re: FEDup

      it didn't work, you don't look dumb at all, and you've saved me the trouble of trying html, too. thanks!

    2. i don't think they enable any html here...