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Aug 15, 2006 06:30 AM

The Paddock?

No real recent reviews I can find about The Paddock at Queen and Bathurst

Looking for a place with a pleasant dining room that isn't 'bleeding Queen West hip' but still has a lively element to it around the West side. Has anyone tried dinner menu there? They have the menu on the website and it's fairly constricted but what's there is pretty much what I want. Opinions appreciated.

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  1. My last 2 meals have been mediocre.

    1. I was there in March and thought the food was generally okay with some ranging up into excellent. It has all the potential to be much better than it is - things like woody asparagus are ingredient selection issues, not basic menu problems. Similarly with the cold meat - that's a problem with execution that needs to be tweaked, the flavours were otherwise good.

      Here's my report:

      1. I've had a few nice meals.....I remember one dish with bison as being particularly good.

        Nothing outstanding but a good solid meal, the decor is really nice and the drinks are delicious (if pricy).

        1. Has anyone had the smelts there? Are they any good?

          I've never tried smelts, but they look very pretty and delicious at the fishmarket, and would like to try them cooked/fried before I do it myself so I know what to expect.