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Aug 15, 2006 05:15 AM

olive oil

looking for the best extra virgin olive oil, one organic and one regular. any recommendations? and where can I find them? thanks!

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  1. There is no one 'best' olive oil. It is very subjective and different oils might be suited for different food. One might prefer the peppery oil from Tuscany, the light clean taste of Liqurian oil, the sweet and subtle oil from Provence, or the full body oil from Spain. The peppery Tuscan oil is great for beans, some pasta, with greens. The Liqurian oil goes particularly well with seafood. I would just go to a shop that carries a good selection of olive oil and sample some.

    1. If you're in NYC go to Fairway or the olive oil only store (I forget the name) in Grand Central Station. They both have tons of sample tastes along with the oil's information.

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      1. I guess I'm looking for one to use primarily for salads and dips...

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          Well, it still depends on your own personal preferrence -- no one else can tell you what that is.

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            I have searched high and low for my favorite oil for dipping. So far I've come up with Academia Barilla's Chianti Classico (AB makes at least nine different verieties, each one VERY different). I picked up mine from a local store, but I have found it on the internet, though the price seems to have gone up from $23 to $30 for 17 ounces. Just like the website says: strong hints of green pepper and artichoke, no spicy aftertaste.
            PS - If you don't want to spend so much, there is nothing wrong with Safeway EVOO, nice flavor, inoffensive.

          2. As I always recomend when this topic comes up, go to Zingermans-
            Click on the olive oil tab (left side) and note the fact that you can shop by region - California, Italy, France, Spain, ect. or you can shop by flavor - light and elegant, buttery and silky, assertive but smooth, or my favorites, rustic and fruity.
            Experiment, spend a little $ and YOU decide which is best and enjoy the process!

            1. Don't make the mistake of thinking Italian oils are inherently better than those from elsewhere. You pay a premium for the "Product of Italy" label (and, do be careful not to pay the same premium for olive oils that are merely "Imported from Italy" because they are merely packed there). Olive oils from all over (France, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Tunisia, Greece...California) can be wonderful.