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Aug 15, 2006 05:09 AM

Red Rock Hotel?

Has anyone eaten at any of the restaurants in Red Rock Hotel yet? A bunch of girls and I are trying to figure out some new places to eat at since we were planning on playing in Red Rock. Thanks for your suggestions in advance!

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  1. i have eaten at T-bones steakhouse. there is a restaurant at Green Valley Ranch (a sister station casio) with the identical menu. the food is excellent at both. white truffle parmigiano "tater tots", horseradish cauliflower gratin, chateaubriand, delicious fish, filet, well everthing is good. they have this really great dessert called choc. peanut butter profiteroles. they are choc. profiteroles filled with p.b. cream, topped with choc sauce and shards of peanut brittle. also a friend of mine has eaten at the oyster bar, i think it may be called SHORE. the cafe is good for breakfast. they have skillets for decent prices.

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      Yum! Sounds great. Especially the chocolate peanut butter profiteroles (two of my favorite things together!). What are the prices like at T-bones? Thanks for your recs!

    2. T-Bones is pretty expensive. so if you are looking for one high end meal, this is it. i don't know if you drink wine or not, but without it for 2 people i would say $130. rough estimate. and that would be an app or salad per person, a meal and a side dish. the choc p.b. thing is plenty to share for about 3 or 4 people. check out the menu online at their website bcuz i haven't had them(p.b. prifiteroles) at tbones, just their sister rest in GVR. if they have got them, and the rest is too epensive for you, it would be totally worth it to hit the bar for a drink and a bowl of these delightful bundles of goodness. SERIOUSLY! OH OH OH, i forgot to mention the salt lick bbd. i think out of texas, i read an article in food and wine about it. a couple people have told me its really delic. it doesn't seem that any of the rest have their menus on the site. hmmmm . . .

      1. Been to the Grand cafe on weekend mornings for breakfast twice. Loved it. Food perfectly prepared and wonderful service. Large portions. Usually enough to take some home.

        Have done the buffet several times. Really wanted to enjoy it, but it's just not up to par. Ordinary food that sweleters way too long on the steamer table. Tried both a breakfast and dinner. Not impressed at all.

        Ate at the Salt Lick becasue of some out of town friends who just needed to eat at the new BBQ place in town. It was terrible. Brisket came out dry dry dry. Ribs were not the falling off the bone type that you get from really long smoking. Wife had to chew to get the meat off them bones. An order of hot links was five or six quarter inch slices. Maybe two onces in total. Really cheezy! Did enjoy the potato salad. Served warm and spiced with their BBQ sauce. Better than the breakfast potatos in the most of the breakfast shops in town. Completely oddball for a Q joint.

        Four of us eating... eight thumbs down.

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          HEY! i am sad about the salt lick, i have heard good things. i do believe you should always give a place two tries, bcuz restaurants can have an off night-although i do think consistency is a quality of a good restaurant. have you ever tried lucilles in henderson (the district at green valley ranch)??