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Aug 15, 2006 04:38 AM


Went out to Kouzina this weekend on a tip from many Hounds. I was originally looking for Greek food, but as mentioned, this isn't so much Greek food as just plain 'ol good food that is Greek-ish.

Atmosphere is nice -- airy and cozy at the same time. We walked in at ~7:30pm on a Saturday and found it full except a high table out back with terrible lighting. Although right next to the kitchen, the wife is 7 months pregnant, so the high tables just weren't cutting it. The hostess saw this and kindly moved us to a table that had just cleared. She shuffled people around most of the evening to accomodate us, which was very nice. Luckily, the timing worked out for everyone, and reservations got seated just fine.

We started with the salad special - radicchio, pistachio, some other stuff, feta, some ham, and *watermelon*. Delicious. Not over-dressed, and just generally delightful. Wife had the lamb and eggplant moussaka, and I had the scallops. Moussaka lamb had a rich flavor, eggplant cooked to perfection, however the skin/peel was a touch tough. Bechemel sauce was awesome.

My scallops were served with a corn souffle thing, mushrooms, and other bits. It seemed like a light number of scallops (small in size), but it all came together to make me happily full. The corn souffle thing (I can't remember what it was) was just awesome. So light and wonderful.

For dessert we had the cherry/apricot bread pudding (or something like that). Man, that was good. Covered in a mountain of whipped cream, but what the heck.

Overall, a nice, cozy experience. Food was very good. Not Greek, but still, yummy.

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  1. I disagree. It is most defintely Greek, just not the dumbed down greasy cliche stuff that most Americans are used to. Kind of like saying a place isn't really chinese if they don't serve General Gao's Chicken and Crab Rangoons.
    The owners here are Greek, and very proud of their heritage. I think they've done a great job here.

    1. The food at Kouzina is not Greek. Some dishes are a modern twist on some greek classics like Mousakka. They do serve Baklava dn make koulouria- little greek cookies that they serve with some desssrts. Also, they have some nice Greek wines It really is a wonderful place. Joanna one owner is Greek. Her Husband, Nelson is French. They are great people and they serve great food.

      1. You are right, AHan. I should be more clear in saying that the food was not traditional Greek, or classic Greek. It is, as emilief mentioned, more of a twist on greek classics.

        It is a vague description at best, saying that something is "traditional" or "authentic", as any food made by a Greek person could be considered greek.

        Still, a big two thumbs up from my wife and I, and we will be going back, however the food is classified.

        1. I love Kouzina for all the reasons you've mentioned. I am also Greek. And I agree, this cooking is more "Greek" than most of the greasy "Greek" restaurants out there. It captures the true essence of Greek cooking-- in this country, I have had nothing more Greek than their Bronzini dish. However, it is correct, they don't have the traditional dishes that most people expect.

          And while Greeks don't have bread pudding, I love that apricot/cherry bread pudding they have.

          1. this has probably come up on prior kouzina threads, but it is also a great place to bring kids.