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Aug 15, 2006 04:05 AM

Rosh Hashanah Chow

With the new baby there's no way I'll be able to pull of Rosh Hashanah dinner so I'm looking to contract out the chopped liver, the brisket, and the kugel.

Any recommendations? Does baker's best do these things justice? I work in Newton and live in Framingham so Boston/Cambridge establishments are out.


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  1. Avoid Whole Foods Hoiiday dinner menu. It's not very tasty. Sorry I can't be more positive and give a rec. Someone will come through, I'm sure.

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      1. Yep, Baker's Best is definitely your best bet, esp since you work in Newton. They put together a menu for Rosh Hashana and you can grab one & then order what you'll need, in advance. Good luck.

        1. Bakers Best is good, their chopped liver particularly so. However, I find the place way too chaotic to deal with, especially during the holidays. As a result, we usually order from Vicky Lee Boyajian in Needham, whose food is often better than Bakers Best, too. That said, Vicky Lee Boyajian no longer owns her namesake restaurant, and she has opened up a new place in Belmont; we almost certainly will give it a try this year for the holidays.

          (You can read more in this Boston Business Journal article: .)

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            Vickie Lee's closed several months ago. The team reopened an an upscale restaurant called "Quince" which serves only dinner and does do catering. The Chef is quite flexible and will do anything you ask. I had him grill some Tuna and make an asian noodle salad for a dinner party last summer (when they were still Vickie Lee's) and he did a great job although I had more food than I needed. I'm assuming you don't want kosher food since you didn't mention it but you could try kosher establishments like The Butcherie on Harvard St. or Gordon & Alperin on Comm. Ave. They are a supermarket and a butcher respectively, not caterers, but you may be able to get the basics like chopped liver.

          2. If you are in Framingham, you could always try Joan and Ed's Deli on Rte. 9...Baker's Best is probably better, but at least it gives you another option...