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Aug 15, 2006 03:27 AM

No more e-mails from moderators?

Hey folks.
Very low on the list of priorities for you guys, i realize, but I kinda miss the e-mails from moderators I would sometimes get when letting you guys know about an off-topic/libelous/spam post. It was kind of a nice way to get to know you moderator types. Has the new system made it impossible? Are there fewer moderators for more boards? Did all the moderators leave in a huff?

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  1. We're the same mod team still plugging away back here, but the new 'report this post' button definitely changed the dynamic - we handle these problem reports differently than we used to, and it makes sending thank you emails a bit more difficult than it was. We definitely do appreciate all the help we get from hounds, though, and we'll try to be better at letting you all know that from time to time.