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Aug 15, 2006 03:06 AM

craving for crab

Does anyone have a spot for some great crab for dinner tomorrow night? We're in Los Feliz/Silverlake and can't stop thinking about it after a few tales of childhood summers in Maryland...

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  1. The only place that sticks out in my mind for crab is the redondo beach pier. There are two korean owned places there that i've been to and have enjoyed both.

    The one towards the end of the left side of the pier seems to be the more popular of the two tho.

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      At the Redondo Beach Pier, I like Quality Seafood. Pick your own crab & they steam 'em for ya. Just grab some mallets, newspaper & beer and you're all set.

    2. djdebs -- Search as you will, but I have never found anything even close to the Maryland blue crabs that we ate on butcher paper 'til our lips burned from the ohh-so-spicy rub! I used to eat them in Silver Springs, MD, just outside the DC line, but they were available all over the general area.

      1. you can get rock crabs at 99 ranch currently. super cheap too, last i checked was $1.99 a pound i think. tend to like em better than the dungenese flavor-wise. throw some old bay and apple cider vinegar in the steamer and you're set. either that or wait for the next hungry cat crab fest.

        1. How about a crab salad?
          Try the one at either Ivy (I usually make it my entree), or the Dungeness crab salad (dressing on the side) at R-23.

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            How funny -- we decided to go to R-23!
            Thanks for all the tips.

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              I had the best dungeness crab salad in my life at R-23

            2. How about crab chiu-chou style (read: garlic and more garlic) at SEAFOOD VILLAGE in the San Gabriel Valley?

              Seafood Village
              9669 Las Tunas Drive
              Temple City
              (626) 286-2299