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Best ramen in LA?

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Just found the ex Union Center Cafe which has now been renamed Tokyo Cafe. Had the best ramen I have ever had in LA there and had a long conversation with the woman who owns it. She is from Kyushu and has been trying (she says unsuccessfully) to make ramen for more than 15 years. She now claims she has it right and I have to agree with her.

On Judge John Aislo (San Pedro St.) Just north of 1st street.

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  1. oh reallly? let me check up on that... =)

    1. try chabuya on sawtell near la grange and olympic. its located in that strip mall with mizu 212 and lollicup. it may be a bit salty, but the ramen chain is direct from japan ans pretty tasty. also asahi ramen on sawtelle is a good place for more classic ramen.

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        I like Santouka in Torrance better than Chabuya and Asahi put together... but I haven't tried Tokyo Cafe.

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          I'll take your Santouka, and raise you a Daikokuya in Little Tokyo... STELLAR!!


      2. well, if you head up the SFV there's a great place called Nihon Ramen on Reseda several blocks north of Vanowen. Really good ramen. they have combos with fried rice (excellent!) and gyoza.

        Daikokuya is really good too--different with a bit of a milky soup.

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          Heya, I believe you mean Nippon Ramen, not Nihon. :)
          I used to go there everyday after-school *tear*.
          Truly a great bowl of ramen and definitely the greatest in the SF Valley.

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            oops, i don't remember clearly. i just remember there's kanji on the screen in front of the door!

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            Ditto for Nihon, also tofu salad is a nice side there.

          3. lol here we go again... chabuya's new karakara ramen is a BIG improvement over their regular classic. worth a try for those who might have written the place off already.

            santouka is still tops for me tho. maybe i'm getting my hopes up over this tokyo cafe thing hehe...

            1. Tried Asahi Ramen and it's not as good as Daikokuya. I thought Daikoku Ramen was good until...

              1. daikokuya is good i agree. so is shinsengumi (several locations sprinkled in LA & OC). in the SGV, i prefer foo foo tei and tamaya ramen.

                1. I really love shinsengumi in Fountain Valley. Never been to the one in Torrance/Glendale so I'm not sure if the ramen is just as good there. I don't really like Asahi, just a personal pref. I usually head over to Ramenya on Olympic when I feel like a big bowl of noodles.

                  1. I like the Foo Foo Tei in Industry (but NOT Monterey Park), and the various Shisengumis in LA (my eardrums beg to differ :P). Asahi in Sawtelle was only OK for me -- and I want to check out Kansai in Pasadena (everything looks and sounds yummy, plus they have vegetarian broths which sounds interesting to me.)

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                      kansai last time i went (a loong time ago) is not really a ramen joint. more udon and soba in a fast-ish food environment. not bad for the area though.

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                        ah, a good to know... I'm also curious by their shu mais (which go for $6...), wonder if it's the gianormous variety I see (and get) at Foo Foo Tei.

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                        totally agree with you there. when i say foo foo tei, it's definitely the city of industry location. the monterey park location is sub par in comparison.

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                          Ya, Ya. You are so right. I love one in Hacienda Hts., but not one in Monterey Park. How they make the their menu so different. I try few things. That was it.
                          But Hacienda one is the best in Los Angeles for sure.