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Las Vegas - Food Itinerary suggestions

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So I've read about a billion posts on LV. We're headed there 9/9-9/13. I think I've got most of the food plans settled on based on recommendations from the board. Here is what I have so far:

breakfast: open
lunch: open
dinner: 6pm at Shintaro (haven't heard a peep about this place on the board but booked as a package with one of our Cirque shows)

breakfast: open
lunch: Commanders Palace
dinner: L'Atelier

9/12: rental car day
breakfast: open
lunch: Rosemary's
dinner: Lotus of Siam

I know one of these days we'll head to Bouchon for breakfast (probably on the 10th) - but that still leaves 2 breakfast slots and 1 lunch slot up in the air. We were thinking perhaps either the buffet at Paris or at Bellagio since there are no buffets on our agenda right now...maybe this will go well on the 10th when we have an early dinner - this way maybe we can forgo lunch?

any ideas/suggestions?

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  1. Hash house a go-go. Do it on your rental car day because it is off the strip. There is one in San Diego as well. Great food and huge portions.

    1. Hello Sashimi,

      We were just in Vegas last week with a rental car. I haven't posted a review yet since we just got back but I think you will enjoy all your choices. We ate at most of the same places: L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon, Rosemary's, Lotus of Siam, Bouchon (breakfast).

      Two places that not many people mention which were extremely affordable but also surprisingly very good were: Ping Pang Pong in the Gold Coast Casino. This is located next to the Rio and across from the Palms on Flamingo. It was written up by Gourmet Magazine, etc. It is pretty authentic Chinese food and you can tell by the mainly Asian clientele.

      Another great place which we didn't expect to rave about was Burger Bar in the Mandalay Bay. It is in the shopping arcade near The Hotel at Mandalay Bay. The burgers blew us away. We had Black Angus Beef and Salmon burgers that were cooked to order. Plus you have a choice of buns: onion, sesame, ciabatta, plain and wheat. We had the skinny sweet potato fries which were also excellent - not greasy at all. They sat us in a booth with our own flat screen TV which was perfect since my husband and I got to watch ESPN.

      When you have your rental car, I highly recommend Luv It's Frozen Custard. It is near the middle of the strip. If you are driving on Las Vegas Blvd North and pass the Stratosphere, you make a right on Oakey and it's less than half a block away. It looks closed but don't let that fool you. They have been a family institution for 40 or 50 years and make the best frozen custard in many flavors. They are open from 1 - 10 pm and I think they are closed on Mondays. My favorite is their buttercrunch sundae. They also make great rootbeer floats. You can check on the website. We went daily last week and miss it terribly.

      Can't wait to hear your report!

      1. I would recommend going to Lotus of Siam during lunch and going to Okada at the Wynn for dinner. We ordered from the Northern and regular menus, ignoring the buffet at Lotus of Siam. If you can squeeze it in, I truly recommend Okada. I am still dreaming of the tartare tasting appetizer with taro tacos. We also had sushi and their wonderful cod. Don't miss it! It was the best Japanese food that we have had in Vegas.

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          I agree about doing Lotus for lunch to open up one more dinner. I would choose ALEX at the Wynn or PRIME or CIRCO at The Bellagio. All three are incredible restaurants.

        2. You can never go wrong with Breakfast @ the Peppermill on the strip in between the Riviera and the Wynn for Breakfast. The portions are enormous....It is a Vegas institution.

          1. A terrific off the stip suggestion is Pane Vino. Sunset Rd...just east of Las Vegas Blvd.
            The service and quality are impeccable.....
            The views are incredible (ask for a table by the window)
            Food is memorable....


            1. While at Bouchon if you like quiche, they have the best! I had to buy the cookbook to replicate it at home. My husband & I go every time we are in Vegas. Lucky for us, we're moving to Henderson in October!

              I second Okada, the best sushi/japanese we've had! We go there as often as possible.

              The Peppermill is good fun too, but it is more quantity vs. quality. We'll still go there the next time we're there in September! Have fun & good eats!

              1. Hi - Thanks for all of the wonderful suggestions so far..

                let me add a bit more detail... we're chinese and from new york, so we'd probably not do the chinese food thing as we have it almost every day (thanks for your recommendation though sfslinky!- we'll definitely do that custard place though - it sounds heavenly). Okada sounds good as Japanese is my favorite but being from nyc, we also have access to a lot of japanese restaurants - does anyone know how Okada compares - is it like Nobu/Morimoto or is it more a sushi/sashimi type of place? Are they open for lunch?

                and although we would love to open up another dinner slot by having lotus for lunch one day instead of dinner, we would really prefer not to rent a car for more than one day - we're trying to stay away from cabs (we'd rather spend the $ on food)

                Perhaps we'll do Peppermill on the 10th and load up on enough food to tide us over until our 6pm dinner?

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                  Peppermill has decent food, it's definitely more about enjoying a slice of classic Vegas (but then, classic Vegas these days is anything from before 2000) than enjoying ridiculously good food.

                  What I recommend you do at Peppermill is have a cup of coffee (such good coffee! Rich and almost thick enough to stand the spoon straight up in it!) and share a fruit salad with one or two other people. I got it when I had one other person with me and it was way, way more than either of us could eat. It looks like the waitress puts Carmen Miranda's hat on your table, it's just surreal. If you want to try to hold out for a 6 PM dinner, do one of the buffets for breakfast. I just did Paris a few days ago and loved it, be sure you explore as there's all kinds of great offerings that hide in little alcoves, such as fresh cherries and apricots in a spot off to the side near the Burgundy sign. I haven't tried the Bellagio breakfast buffet, but if it's anything close to their lunch buffet it will be absolutely stellar; my vote would still go to the Paris buffet since the setting at Paris is by far the nicest of any buffet I have ever been to, and is a wonderful way to wake up.

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                    As someone who has been to Nobu Morimotos and Okada. I will say Okada is must dine. My wife and I found it to be better than both. The Cod was simply amazing. The sushi was the best I have had anywhere (ive been to Yasuda and matsuhisa in LA).

                    this is not open for lunch however