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Aug 15, 2006 02:20 AM

Suggestions for Dinner Friday, Non-Dairy a Must

Out of town friends joining us for the Barnes. She has an extreme intolerance to any dairy products so I need to locate a restaurant that can ensure her safety by cooking fresh to order, while the rest of us can also enjoy the food.

My fallback would be Chun Hing on City Line Ave, where being a regular customer I know they would accomodate her.

Any other ideas? I know that some of us Chowhounds may have allergy issues, and I'd like to know how you deal with them while eating out.

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  1. A good option is Horizon at 7th & South St. Since it's vegan, there's no chance of dairy. Moreover, the food is so good that not even a devout carnivore will miss the meat.

    1. Seconding the recommendation for Horizons. Just ate there for the third time recently and they really have it together. If you're craving something meatlike, try any of their seitan dishes. Their mojito perfecto is the most original and intriguing desert I've had in a long time -- incredibly moist and yummy tres leches cake with absolutely no dairy (coconut milk, rum reduction, and something else) layered with lime sorbet. The dining room is small, though, so if you do decide to give it a try, try for reservations. There is a lounge downstairs that serves smaller portions of some of their dishes ala carte; great for a late night bite.