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Aug 15, 2006 01:59 AM

Three nights in Prague and three in Vienna for three foodies and a non

We are doing an embarrassingly quick trip to Berlin, Prague, Vienna and Budapest in September.
The Chowhound feedback on Budapest was terrific, so now I'm seeking even more advice and
counsel. For Prague we have three dinners and two lunches - as of now I have Kampa Park, Cerny Kohout and V Zatisi on my sort of "must" list but could be talked out of these and into others. I am retired from the food world (journalistic side not cooking but definitely eating) and love good food but hate pretentious, tortured food - and places.

Am waffling the most on Vienna restaurants. Like the sound of Plachutta with the tafelspitz - also considering Immervoll and Mainl au Graben. Stomach sounds fun too. Totally unsure about cafes and lunch places. Our friends think we have to go to the Sacher Hotel to have sacher torte. Why do I think it might be better at another venue?

Grateful for any help - and promise to give feedback upon our return.

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  1. I've been to Budapest and Prague. In Budapest there is an excellent Indian place called Kashmir - good service which is a great relief in Budapest.

    In Prague I went to a few places that were widely reccommended on internet forums. They were ok but I found that the best meals were in the rusty bars and restaurants.

    1. I just went to Prague recently. My favorite place there for traditional Czech food was U Basnike Panve. It's in Zizkov. I also found that it was really hard to find bad food in Prague- almost every pizza place had really amazinhg pizza- not like that you get int he US at all. Also the steak there was very good.

      1. Have you ever had tafelspitz before?

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            No, it's not the kind of dish that engenders hatred. But unless you grew up with it, not much love, either.

            Tafelspitz is a boiled beef dish. I've had some very good tafelspitz, mind you, but it has its limitations. Order it if you are at least four people sharing and are still curious.

        1. Vienna:
          Plachutta and Meinl am Graben are excellent tips. Plachutta serves traditional Viennese food, Meinl is the best place to get new Viennese cuisine at a great location. Ask for a window table, and call at least three weeks in advance if you want to eat dinner there ! OTOH: since they are open between 9 am and midnight, you might get a table without reservation in the off hours ...

          Stomach is a hidden and romantic spot, the food is average, but the place is so different from the other two that you might like it, although it is quite away from any interesting part of town.

          Immervoll is great for lunch, but always crowded (Immervoll means "always full"). If the weather permits, you can sit in their "Schanigarten" on the Franszikanerplatz, which is a real nice place quite in the town center.

          I would still recommend Finsterer Stern on Schulhof, although chowhounds reported that they could not find it. The solution: it opens only for dinner, and has none of the usual restaurant signs on the outside. Since the Schulhof us so small, you cannot miss it when it is open.

          Another place worth mentioning is Flein. They have a quite romantic garden located in the park of the Palais Clam-Callas on the Währingerstrasse (just around the corner is the US embassy). The food at Flein is exzellent and inexpensive.

          Reservation recommended for all mentioned places.

          1. I havn't been to Prague in ages, and I wouldn't know where to get it, but smazeny syr is a must try. Fresh cheese, dipped in batter, dep fried and served with tartar sauce.。。 yum... that and beer.