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Aug 15, 2006 01:21 AM

Chicago style pizza in West LA? (or even 8 mile radius?)

My husband and I were desperate for chicago style pizza the other day and stumbled across Earth, Wind and Flour on Westwood. It was Chicago style, but Boston, and we thought, ENH, close enough.

Boy, ere we wrong. First of all, the food is just bad there, so anything coming out of that kitchen is going to be a disaster.

I've looked at threads online for Chicago style pizza, but the closest thing seems to be miles away.

Chowhounders, HELP!!!

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  1. Chicago Pizza is one of those things that just simply isn't available in LA -- and I'm not counting BJ's as "Chicago Pizza", because it's not.

    There used to be a place out in like Fontana or RRRRRRRRRRANCHO CUCA-MONNNNNG-GA that did it, and I believe a place in Buena Park. I've had the pizza at Taste Chicago in Burbank and it didn't do it for me (but the IB sandwiches sure did).

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      1. What aboout Village Pizzaria on Larchmont Blvd. in Hancock Park?
        Family run and very popular.

        Whoops! sorry this is Brooklyn style, but still good.

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          1. just seeing the words chicago deep dish pizza and lou malnati's makes me real hungry...less than $70 for 2 roni and 2 sausage deep dish pies incl. delivery---this is the bomb, and nothing like it anywhere in la, or ca