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Aug 15, 2006 01:04 AM

Quick & Easy snack recipe?

I'm heading out with the girls tomorrow afternoon to pontoon on the Mississippi. It's a book club, and we're all supposed to bring a snack and a beverage. Any suggestions? We read the book The Devil Wears Prada. Does that inspire anyone? Thanks!

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  1. By all means, pontooning on the Mississippi calls for pecans...sweet and spicy, that is...recipe link below, extremely easy:

    1. How 'bout little mini lemon squares or cheesecakes with a cold bottle of Ice Tea - I love TeJava Tea(do you have that)?

      1. If you're using the book as a theme, you need to bring coffee. And no food, since all the girls were trying to lose weight.:-P

        Or you could make either bagel chips or mini-scones,inspired by the breakfast the protagonist eats before she goes on a diet.

        1. Great ideas! I think that I'll go with the pecans. Sweet & spicy....always appropriate.

          1. Dates slit and stuffed with some cream cheese and a toasted almond, chocolate dipped strawberries, bing cherries, nectarines, deviled eggs, a cheese plate with french bread, lemonade, iced tea.