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Aug 15, 2006 01:00 AM

Tonic Water without corn syrup

I don't even know if it exists in the United States, but I'm trying to find a good tonic water - sugar-sweetened, no high-fructose shmuctose in there, good bitter zing. I've heard of a British brand called "Fever Tree" but it hasn't show up here yet. Anyone know of any good "artisinal" Tonics and where in NY might carry them?

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  1. I believe that Corn Syrup is not Kosher for Passover, so if you find a bottle of Tonic Water marked Kosher for Passover (in the spring, not in August), it would most likely be made with real sugar. I know that people stock up on Kosher for Passover Coke and Pepsi to get the real sugar product. I would *guess* that some manufacturers make KfP Tonic Water. This makes sense as you would be able to mix it with a non grain based spirit such as Potato Vodka or Sugar cane Rum.

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      That's a great tip! Never knew corn syrup isnt KfP. Is it kosher at all for orthodox and other Jewish sects? I need to check out the stores in Midwood or East Williamsburg because I am on a mission to eliminate HFCS from my diet.

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        Take a look at this site (item #4):

        Corn (and thus corn syrup) is not KfP for any Ashkenazi Jews whether Orthodox, Conservative or even Reform. I don't know the rules for non-Eastern European Jews, but since Ashkenazi Jews are the vast majority of Jews in the US, you can be pretty sure that all KfP products are sweetened with sugar, not corn syrup.

    2. It's very "in" to stock up on Coke before and during the Passover season, when they're made with cane sugar. I think the Times had a piece on it.

      Jolt Cola advertises that it has "all cane sugar and twice the caffeine."

      1. Hi. Whole Foods offers their 365 Brand Tonic Water without HFCS. They use cane sugar. Hope that helps. Also, it only comes in 12 ounce cans.

        1. There's also a company I've just come across called Stirrings - Looks as though they might sell through Whole Foods Market but if you go to Stirrings' website they'll hep you locate a retailer and point you to a couple of online vendors.

          1. theres a nyc based brand called Q tonic that you should check out-they are due to be back in the shops early May. for more info