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Grilled Cheese--which cheese?

Which cheese and/or combinations of cheeses make the best grilled cheese sandwiches? This strictly about the cheese, not other fillings.

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  1. MMMmmmmmm, brie and sourdough grilled cheese sandwich...

    1. My all time favorite is sharp cheddar inside and grated parmesan pressed into the butter on the outside. It makes the bread extra crispy and gives it a wonderful savory flavor.

      1. Lately I've been using a Harvarti Dill Cheese for my grilled cheese, but my favorite is Sharp Cheddar.

        1. My grandmother used to bring back huge round slabs from trips to Wisconsin - it was either colby or sharp cheddar, boy were they good!

          1. My favorite is Havarti on Milton's Bread with salted butter. YUM!

            1. My favorite is Boars Head Horseraddish Cheddar... so good!! :)


              1. Mix of Mozz., cheddar and jack - yum! Grilled on buttered sourdough and sprinkled with a little garlic salt! :) KQ

                1. I sometimes buy kraft singles, country crock, and supermarket white bread (like pepperidge farm) just to make grilled cheese.

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                    I'm with you. We like a little studier bread, sourdough or a wheat/multigrain. With Kraft singles, mozz and muenster. A great mix of ooey gooey goodness!

                  2. I love fontina cheese on hearty, nutty bread - either walnut bread or a chunky multigrain.

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                      ooh, ooh, I'll say fontina as well. Really tasty.

                      though i'll never turn down any other type of grilled cheese (american, cheddar, swiss, whatever), i really like fontina.

                    2. cheddar. the older the better. or a really sharp pecorino, mixed with a bit of mozzarella so it melts better.

                      1. butter, French bread, gruyere, thin sliced ham, gruyere, bread, butter.

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                          that is an absolutely fantastic sandwich. but it doesn't come to mind when i think "grilled cheese." i guess i would think of it as baguette with ham and swiss :)

                        2. Cheese, melted? How bad can THAT be! (Stop me, I've turned into Ina Garten!)

                          Urm, but back to the topic. There's nothing better than a sharp cheddar or a gruyere or even fontina with some sage and good ham on some Texas Toast :)


                          1. Easy to melt cheese is a must. But the accompanying soup is also a major component. Sometimes tomato, sometimes creamed tomatoe, yet there is the chicken noodle contingent, the french onion soup contingent ... how do you weigh in?

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                              Only one soup goes well with grilled cheese... tomato soup.

                              As for the grilled cheese itself, although I always revert to the white bread/butter/american cheese varieties, or the open faced grilled cheese on a bagel, I'm a fan of a buttered baguette and gruyere cheese grilled cheese.

                            2. I'm with all the other Canadians on the board. Give me shredded aged chedder on my grilled cheese. I always grate it on the large holes of the grater and use salted butter. My current chedder of choice is Armstrong, but their is nothing wrong with Maclarans spreadable Imperial Cheddar.

                              1. Jarlsberg, which tastes pallid uncooked, often wins out when melted in grilled cheese sandwiches.

                                Which is another way of saying that cheeses have different flavor profiles raw vs cooked.

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                                  Cook's Illustrated did a test on this awhile ago and Jarlsburg came out the winner.

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                                    Yup! THat is what I use for my Paninis because it STICKS so well. But for flavor, I still perfer the Horseraddish Cheddar... :)


                                2. As it says in my profile, Grafton Cheddar from Vermont. But, it's not the one you can get out of Vermont. They save a special one which you can only buy there - it's like the holy grail of cheddars LOL. Really aged, sharp and almost falling apart.

                                  Then for the perfect grilled cheese:

                                  Grate up that cheddar. Make up a mixture of Hellmans mayo and real french dijon mustard. Cut up some fresh chives and mix them into the mayo and mustard, with some sea salt and freshly grated black pepper (not too much of those).

                                  Spread this mixture on both sides of really good artisan sourdough bread - mound grated cheddar in bread. Melt the best unsalted butter you can find (I like Pulgia) and obviously, cook and both sides until well browned and melty.

                                  I'm swooning thinking about this - I haven't made it in ages.

                                  1. definitely swiss or gruyere...with a little tomato! delish

                                    1. Buttered sourdough with grated Dubliner cheese. *Lots* of Dubliner cheese so that it runs out and caramelizes on the pan. You get crunchy and sour from the bread and sharp and actually *sweet* from the cheese.

                                      Cold glass of beer. Bowl of *real* tomato soup. Bliss!

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                                        Please invite me for dinner. I will be easy on you. Just give me the cold beer <grin>

                                      2. Haloumi - grilled and served in hot pitta with salad

                                        1. I like a combo of mozzarella, cheddar and Pecorino.

                                          1. First choice - brie
                                            second choice - swiss/fontina

                                            1. It depends on the sandwich. With grilled cheese and tomato I like a really aged sharp cheddar. For grilled cheese with bacon i revert to a childhood favorite longhorn. I also occasionally like a little sharp dijon mustard on my grilled cheese and never ever use margerine only good butter.

                                              1. Sharp Cheddar with pepper jack and provolone

                                                1. Sharp cheddar with a few drops of Worchestshire.

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                                                  1. Either cheddar or fontina. I like mine on Italian bread, with lots and lots of cheese. And a bowl of tomato soup with lots of pepper on the side.

                                                    1. My favorite is extra sharp tillamook cheese with a thin layer of mustard on top of the cheese all on sourdough bread with both outside layers buttered before putting in the frying pan or sandwich maker.

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                                                        Top 3 for me:
                                                        British sage infused cheddar (incredible!)
                                                        Aged Swiss Grotto Gruyere
                                                        old raw milk Cheddar

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                                                          See, with the sage, and the Worchestshire sauce, it reminds me of a great Welsh Rabbit recipe:



                                                      2. Maytag blue cheese & bacon & tomato on sourdough
                                                        Chevre and chopped pecans on a pressed baguette

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                                                          I'm a traditionalist and always go to the great cheddar but, god!, that sounds good!

                                                        2. Gouda made from goats milk. We are partial to the one made by Uni Kass

                                                          1. My favorites are Habanero Cheddar from a local meat company (not for the faint of heart, it'll sear the roof of your mouth!) An herb-infused white cheddar, or regular sharp cheddar with some bleu cheese sprinkled on for a kick.

                                                            1. Yellow American on rye -- my ultimate test of whether a diner is worth its salt. ;-)

                                                              At home, Kraft singles or brie if I have it around.

                                                                1. The secret for my grilled cheese is...grilling--heat up the barbeque, get whichever soft cheese you like best, slap it between slices of your favourite bread, press it well between your hand and the board, and cross-hatch it on both sides. i've served this in restaurants with 'where to eat in Canada' stars as part of a cheese tasting, and recieved nothing but compliments. Enjoy!

                                                                  1. No one has mentioned to sprinkle a bit of oregano on the cheese prior to frying. I also dilute some mustard and paint the inside of slices, then add the cheese, then the oregano. I also paint my bread with butter/oleo on the outside. As a change add a slice of ham.

                                                                    1. Yellow American cheese on whole wheat!

                                                                      1. cheddar, swiss, sometimes i throw in a little provolone and usually make it on wheat or sourdough. But what really makes a grilled cheese is putting mint or strawberry jelly on top.