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Dim Sum in Nashville??

just moved from SF and am dying for some dim sum. can someone help a brutha out?

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  1. They're opening a Yank Sing on Broadway next month. Ha! We all wish! Sorry, no dim sum in Nashville.


    1. so cruel...

      I need some char chiu and har gow now!


      1. If you ever hear about any, let us know. Please!

        1. how about the best Chinese restaurant in town? let's make this easier. best asian restaurants. let's here 'em...

          1. The short answer is there aren't any. However, Gold Coast on West End has non-americanized dishes for their Saturday lunch buffet. Chinatown in Green Hills is decent enough. K & S market on Charlotte also has good but limited offerings at their food court.

            Other Asian options:
            Kien Giang, Vietnamese, on charlotte near K & S market
            Hae Woon Dae, Korean - Antioch Pike

            1. i was impressed with the K&S market...great selection of int'l foods. didn't get a chance to try the food court but looked decent. they had chinese roast duck which is a good sign.

              1. I've never tried the weekend buffet at Gold Coast, but I work near there so I've tried both buffet (once) and menu (a couple of times) there during the week. What they serve tastes like nothing I recognize after having lived 20 years in NYC and eating in Chinatown fairly often. Plus there's a strange aftertaste to the food. It wouldn't even make it as a corner takeout in NY. It's possible that in addition to having a wider menu on the weekends they also have a different cook, but otherwise I can't recommend it.

                1. update on K&S Market:

                  went there today and was informed that their food court has been closed indefinitely. bummer.

                  1. Too bad about the food court at K & S, do they still have whole ducks and roasted pork available? As for Gold Coast, it was over a year ago when I went for the Sat. buffet.

                    1. no roasted duck and pork. so sad.