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Aug 15, 2006 12:03 AM

La Boulange in Mill Valley opening this week

Bay Breads is continuing its path of world domination with expansion to the north. La Boulange in the Strawberry Village center has a sign posted that it will open Thursday, Aug. 17. It's across the roadway from Pizza Antica and one door down from Spanish Table.

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  1. In addition to pastries, they will be serving tartines along with organic coffee

    1. Don't go today. The doors are closed, the chairs are stacked and that sign that was up last week (saying they will open on the 17th) is down. No new sign.

      1. New opening date is Tuesday Aug 22nd (pending final inspection)

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        1. re: Chubby

          Thanks for staying on the beat! My favorite morsel is the cannele, but hold out for a very brown and crunchy crusted one.

          1. re: Melanie Wong

            I agree, but the last one that I got was rawer than raw inside, not moist and eggy, but battery. Have you noticed a difference lately or was that a fluke?

            1. re: Chubby

              The variability in the cannele has been a topic of ongoing discussion here. It was especially bad during the wet season. I eyeball the cannele in the case and point out exactly which one I want. Sometimes none of them look good (too blonde, pale and wet-looking). I hope the expansion hasn't caused a permanent drop in standards at the central baking facilities.

        2. Having just moved to MV I eagerly await the arrival of the bread, almond croissants and canneles, all hail the French Wheat God.

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          1. re: ciaogina

            Ironic that you've moved to MV, after Boulange opened on Union Street. (g)

          2. All the tables and umbrellas are deceptively set out, but they are still closed. The sign says that they will probably open tomorrow but we'll see.