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Aug 14, 2006 11:41 PM

Stoli Blueberry

I know it looks and sounds gimmicky, but I'm tempted to try it. Has anyone else given it a try?

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  1. I had a rather nice drink made with it by a bartender at a bar I love - I just specified that no sour mix be used - and he came up with something that incorporated fresh raspberries and the blueberry vodka, perhaps some Chambord as well? It was the colour of blueberry juice, and it was rather tasty - not overwhelmingly blueberryish, which I feel that the vodka alone would be.

    1. i tried it recently with selzter. it was pleasant, not overwhelmingly sweet or fruity, but after more than a couple of drinks i think that the flavor would get to be a bit much. it seems like it would a lot of fun to experiment with, as the bartender mentioned above did.

      1. I got a bottle for a party last weekend after having a great blueberry martini at Anneke Jans in Kittery Maine. I mixed mine with a splash of cranberry, fresh squeezed lime juice, blueberry concentrate, and a few fresh blueberries .... the stoli dissapeared faster than the patrone! very tasty, if you enjoy flavored vodka.

        1. I was unexpectedly convinced to try a shot of it recently (and warm, no less). I found it to be not bad at all, considering the circumstances. Not being a fan of unchilled vodka, I expected the worst, but the blueberry flavor was quite pleasant, and softened the bite considerably. I imagine it's very nice mixed with seltzer, or even just chilled. It would probably be downright fabulous mixed with Bailey's or in a white chocolate "martini."

          1. I have enjoyed the blueberry more than any other flavored vodka I have tried. Tried 2 variations: with club soda & crushed ice, and also with vanilla vodka (1:1 ratio) shaken and served in a martini glass.