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Aug 14, 2006 11:08 PM

Cleveland [moved from Ontario board]

last minute road trip to Cleveland(rock and roll hall of fame)
leaving tomorrow morning,with 3 teens...will be in cleveland 2-3 days. can't find any link to a Cleveland Chowhound site. HELP!!!
spouse and I want to check out good eats in Cleveland..any rec's?????

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. there is a HARD ROCK and an ALICE COOPERSTOWN downtown which might be fun follow-ups to the rock hall for the teens if not for the food.

        also the locals SUSHI ROCK in the warehouse nabe if they are into sushi or WINKING LIZARD for sports are fun places for teens with good food.

        for pizza i'd go to little italy nabe and MAMA SANTAS. its a great area to stroll around, esp for dessert afterward.

        if its the weekend you may want dim sum in chinatown for lunch? try LI WAH or a few others.

        also, if its a market day a visit to the mighty westside market is in order. across the street is GREAT LAKES BREWPUB which is very family friendly and the teens will like that elliot ness shot the place up back in the gangster days.

        lots of canadians seem to seek mexican so i'd suggest LOPEZ on the eastside or MOMOCHO on the west as higher end mex spots. LUCHITAS is an older & less pricey mex-amer favorite. my fav is the pan-central/south american LA TORTILLA FELIZ in tremont, it's wonderful. or there is a brand new peruvian place to try downtown too.

        finally, if you want a real clevelandy place, that would be SOKOLOWSKIS in tremont. its a polish cafeteria, but they have great views, a piano player, their own soda line, and more. its good hearty stuff like kielbasa, etc and it is a lot of fun.

        have a great visit and report back to us!

        1. A) don't go to Hard Rock or Cooperstown--total bad food tourist shlock.

          B) Winking Lizard is a decent local bar chain with decent food offerings and is downtown, not far from the Rock Hall

          C) Great Lakes Brewery is one of your best bets for some Cleveland flavor and close to downtown. They even have a van that may come pick you up at your hotel if you are staying downtown

          D) if you have a hankering for Asian food, I recommend Bo Loong over Li Wah for dim sum. Better food and ambiance. Siam Cafe is great for Chinese-I never like their Thai offerings, though. Bo Loong and Siam are both about a 5 min drive from downtown at 40th and St. Clair and have decent parking.

          E) East side- Little Italy is fun, Mama Santa's is an institution. Don't expect great, great food, but it is decent. Great sushi in the Heights at Pacific East. For Thai, I'd go to Mint Cafe or Mekong River, also both in Cleveland Heights. On Coventry, try Tommy's, which is fun veggie and non-veggie food--get a milkshake, too.

          Hope this helps. Liz

          1. I would take the kids to Sokolowski's. It is a family-run restaurant near downtown with a cafeteria-style service of pierogies, perch, swiss steak, rice pudding. Tons of old Cleveland photos on the walls. Great Lakes Brewery is also a good spot for kids and grown up alike. Bar food and good beer. In Little Italy I would take them to Dolce Vita for dinner or Presti's for coffee and artichoke pizza and pretty counter girls. You will need a car in Cleveland. We hope you enjoy your stay!