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Aug 14, 2006 11:06 PM

Restaurant recs for entrees under $15-20 in LA?

I'm looking for a restaurant to go to with a friend on Saturday or Sunday that boasts entrees that are under $20 (preferably closer to under $15). Nothing too ratty --I'm thinking along the lines of Pizzicotto (I know the food is horrendous, but the place is cute) or La Buca. Open to any type of cuisine.


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  1. How about another "the food is horrendous but the place is cute" restaurant, The Old Spaghetti Factory? I think it's closing down for good next week, so LAST CHANCE!

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    1. re: jackattack

      Haha, I love it. Everyone seems to love Pizzicotto, but I've cooked better tasting things out of a box. Maybe I'm just picky.

      1. re: ipsedixit

        Hey, thanks for the Nook recommendation! We ended up going there on Saturday and it was fantastic! I had the chicken brown rice bowl and it was simple and filling. Hooray!

      2. how about Persian-
        Javan, Darya, Shamshiri all have HUGE portions, and reasonable prices

        Fritto Misto in Santa Monica

        1. Oh another thing, the friend with whom I am going is partially vegetarian. She only eats fish and shellfish. So nothing too much on the meaty side.

          I, however, am game to eat all kinds of game. :)

          1. Depending on the neighborhood: how about Fabiolous Cafe in Hollywood, Cafe Bizou (several locations), Il Capriccio (Los Feliz) or even Paru (Hollywood) as a nod to your friend's vegetarian proclivities.