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Restaurant recs for entrees under $15-20 in LA?

I'm looking for a restaurant to go to with a friend on Saturday or Sunday that boasts entrees that are under $20 (preferably closer to under $15). Nothing too ratty --I'm thinking along the lines of Pizzicotto (I know the food is horrendous, but the place is cute) or La Buca. Open to any type of cuisine.


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  1. How about another "the food is horrendous but the place is cute" restaurant, The Old Spaghetti Factory? I think it's closing down for good next week, so LAST CHANCE!

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      Haha, I love it. Everyone seems to love Pizzicotto, but I've cooked better tasting things out of a box. Maybe I'm just picky.

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        Hey, thanks for the Nook recommendation! We ended up going there on Saturday and it was fantastic! I had the chicken brown rice bowl and it was simple and filling. Hooray!

      2. how about Persian-
        Javan, Darya, Shamshiri all have HUGE portions, and reasonable prices

        Fritto Misto in Santa Monica

        1. Oh another thing, the friend with whom I am going is partially vegetarian. She only eats fish and shellfish. So nothing too much on the meaty side.

          I, however, am game to eat all kinds of game. :)

          1. Depending on the neighborhood: how about Fabiolous Cafe in Hollywood, Cafe Bizou (several locations), Il Capriccio (Los Feliz) or even Paru (Hollywood) as a nod to your friend's vegetarian proclivities.

            1. I'd suggest Sawtelle Kitchen on Sawtelle between Olympic and Santa Monica Blvd in west LA. Lots of seafood on the menu and good appetizers and it all has a Japanese twist to dishes that are not usually served in Japanese restaurants. Food is good, ambeince is quaint but fun not stuffy at all. Price is right and you can brown-bag it -- they have no liquor license so bring whatever you want.

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                Is that the restaurant next to Chabuya now? Because the old Sawtelle Kitchen (closer to Olympic, and is the one with the big visible sign that says Sawtelle Kitchen) is now empty and boarded up.

              2. I really like Puran's on La Brea to avoid the weekend dinner crowds. There are plenty of entrees under $20 and their tomato-basil bread dip thingy is to die for.

                1. You should check out the Crepe Vine Bistro in Pasadena. The majority of the entrees are under $20 plus the food is great. Check out their website below: