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Aug 14, 2006 10:23 PM

1st time to the city

Hello everyone. It's my first visit to NYC this coming weekend and I basically don't have a clue except for where the celebs go thanks to Us Weekly! Anyway, I know I want to go to dinner in Little Italy one night. Something patio perhaps, romantic, and super charming?? What about a trendy place in the Meatpacking district/Hells Kitchen? I don't want to be touristy, I want to be Sara Jessica Parker for just one weekend : ) Any suggestions would be wonderful! Thank you

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  1. If you don't want to be touristy, stay away from Little Italy. Trust me, Sarah Jessica Parker would not be eating down there. Try Pastis in the Meatpacking area if you want decent food and a "Sex in the City" vibe. If you feel you have to go to Little Italy, walk a few blocks and have a great dinner at Peasant. Very nice.

    1. whatever you do, AVOID little italy. you say you don't want to be touristy, and hey, you're on this board, so you want the good stuff. but little italy is entirely touristy, and overpriced, and bad...arthur ave, in the bronx (the real little italy in new york) is awesome, but can be a pain on public transportation, and i don't know how much time you want to spend. and the area's not trendy; it's more like damn good old school italian. old dudes with cigars. old dudes rolling cigars. it's great.

      1. Oh okay... thanks! This is exactly why I'm turning to you. I'm actually staying in Hoboken and get in kinda late on Thurs night. Any cool places there?

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          Try the Jersey board for Hoboken restaurants.

          You can get lots of great suggestions for Manhattan by going through old posts. Try searching for a certain part of town, like the West Village, Tribeca, or Nolita.

        2. Gascogne, a small neighborhood French bistro, is not trendy, and it's not likely you'll see any celebs there. But if you want "romantic and super charming," their back garden fits that description perfectly. And, btw, the food is excellent.

          L'Impero is an Italian restaurant located in Tudor City (midtown east). It's a bit on the upscale side with delicious food and a very small, exceptionally charming and romantic patio that looks out on a park.

          Enjoy your visit to NYC and Bon Appetit!

          1. I agree with Pastis for trendy, as well as Spice Market, Buddakan and Sushi Samba 7 (though not in the meatpacking district, still quite a 'scene'). Enjoy your visit!