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Aug 14, 2006 10:05 PM

Best Pate de Campagne in Quebec !!

Hello Folks,

I'm a newbie (from California, USA) and came across this board hopefully by pure luck. I searched so far in vain for some pork liver from Quebec, Canada.
Let me tell you - it is sooo gooood.
The brand is "La Belle Bretagne" and it has different kinds like: Pate de Foie Gras or Pate de Campagne etc ...
But it takes me hours on the web without being able to locate a store in Quebec, Canada so I can place the order.
Any help please -- if you live in Quebec, CAN that should not be a problem.

Thanks in advance.


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  1. I visited Loblaws, a large Canadian grocery chain, at lunchtime. I noticed that they carry 4 kinds of "La Belle Bretagne" brand of "pate de campagne": country style, pepper, cognac and fine herbs. "La Belle Bretagne" is a brand/division of (Quebec City suburb) Vanier, QC-based Charcuterie La Tour Eiffel.

    I can't find an email address for either, but the phone number for "La Belle Bretagne" is (450)-979-0001. They are located in Blainville, just north of Montreal. I just called the company and, apparently, their products are available in California, but they couldn't tell me where, exactly. They did give me the name and number of their person in charge for western-US sales:
    Ralph Butler (408)-830-8974. He should be able to direct you to the nearest retailer that carries the product you're after. Good luck!

    1. You will find La Belle Bretagne at most montreal supermarkets, it is a commercial product. try

      Don't get your hopes up about importing it in the us, it is forbidden although smuggling would be easy since it is vacuum packed.


      If you are up here, you had better try the pâté's you'll find in the local delis, bakeries and butchers around the city.

      I am not a liver fan, except for the occasional foie gras, but I know you can do much better :)

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      1. re: ScoobySnacks20

        Hello Roman & Scooby,

        I checked my post 4 times already and now I'm so glad to see your post-back. Thank you both much for the phone# and the info that you provided.
        Scooby, if I have a chance to visit I will sure try the different pates there at the local delis.
        You guys are so lucky. Not much good pate, fromage or other delicate European goodies here around the bay area of California, and the so-and-so alimentation here are so pricy but far from good.

        Thanks again!


          1. re: RomanW

            I'm very angry about that Metro circular because as you can see it has a prominent pic of low-sodium solid-pack tuna illustrating a 99 cent bargain. Going to shop, they refuse to honour the illustration in the circular - they say it was a graphic arts mistake. Perhaps, but still...

        1. Hello,
          Its been a while since I last search for what I think best pate in Quebec, branded La Belle Bretagne.
          Scooby gave me the right cybermarket to order from, but, helas, they do not ship to the US.
          Well folks in Quebec, do you know of any other cyber/supermarket in Quebec that also carry La Belle Bretagne vacuum-packed pate.
          I appreciate very much any link or info you can provide.

          1. I am sorry to report that although the pâté's are vaccumm packed, hygiene and other regulatory agencies will prevent most imports. The paperwork and approvals make it nigh-impossible to make commercial private imports.

            Even having a willing local chowhounder send you some using ground mail or UPS might prove difficult as the meat would need to be freeze packed.

            FYI it is illegal to bring even an apple with you across the canada-usa border, much less cheese and patés unfortunately. As an interesting side note, pâtés and sausages from Europe were outright banned in canada until last month.

            I wish you the best of luck in your quest for pâté, maybe posting on the California board will help you source a local importer.

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            1. re: ScoobySnacks20

              >>FYI it is illegal to bring even an apple with you across the canada-usa border, much less cheese and patés unfortunately.<<

              Since when? A few products that could carry insects or diseases with the potential to affect US crops are banned from the US (citrus fruit, for example; Canada allows imports from around the world because citrus doesn't grow here; the US can't allow itself that luxury). Soil -- also a potential insect or disease carrier -- is banned in both directions. For a while, beef and by extension meat imports were banned by the US.

              I've personally taken coolers full of Quebec products (lamb, duck, foie gras, sausages, raw-milk cheeses, Liberty yogurt and cream cheese, Lactancia butter, fruit) across the border at one time or another, declaring them every time. (Disclaimer: haven't tried meat since the beef ban was imposed or lifted.) If the law has changed recently, please point us to a government website or other reliable source that substantiates your claim.

              All kinds of stuff can be brought into Canada from the States, by the way. See:

              1. re: ScoobySnacks20

                Hello Scooby,
                Thanks for the follow-up post. Now I know La Belle Bre cannot be shipped. However, I saw some Pate de Foie from Canada in 2 well-known supermarket here: Safeway and Albertson's; but those pates are just not LBB. Albertson's said they only carried LBB pate during special season like Thanksgiving.
                Now I'm tired of chasing after LBB pate - maybe I gotta give up soon.
                Have a good day,

                1. re: Nee

                  Hi Nee. I just came across this subject by coincidence. Are you still looking for the perfect pate. Look up this website: These people are in Canmore, Alberta and I think they have shipping service. In my mind they make the absolutely best pate ever. I haven't tried their bison and I think one of the other flavours but you should try to get your hands on some of the more popular flavours to see what you think. I agree that La BB is good but for me it is second place. Good Luck.

              2. Why not give them a call and ask...?

                CHARCUTERIE LA BELLE BRETAGNE Blainville, Quebec
                (450) 979-0001

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                1. re: execk2

                  Did you saw that the post was from 2006?

                  1. re: phyero

                    I sure did but you never know!!!!

                    1. re: MarilynE

                      that is supermarket pate and i dont know who buys that especially in quebec, but i am wondering where are best places to have a variety of pates, any suggestions i have got them in local pastry shops on parc ave or bernard but would like more variety and maybe terrines, thanks for any ideas