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Aug 14, 2006 10:02 PM

Mamoun's on St Marks

I was walking down St. Marks yesterday and it looks like the Mamoun's falafal place is now open. Unfortuantely, I was in a rush and didn't go in to ask, but there were people behind the counter, which I took to be a pretty good indicator : )

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  1. mamouns is not on st marks......mcdougal maybe?

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    1. re: the save

      mamouns II. there is now an outpost on st. marks.

      1. re: cal

        thx probably easier to park there anyhow-hows it compare to hummus down the block?

        1. re: the save

          last time i walked by it wasn't open so i've yet to try to compare to the macdougal version.

    2. Hello:

      Am i the only one who loves Chickpea over there?

      I am jonesing for a shawafel with extra pickles.


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      1. re: seal

        I didnt get the appeal of chickpea's schwarma - scanty meat, lots of salad (no offer of other garnishes), high price and bad service.

        1. re: jen kalb

          Their operation seems to be mostly about speed. But if you want anything, just ask for it. As for the meat, I've found it sufficient, but I can see where it might be less than other places. I don't find the price that high for the quality relative to other places close to me.

        1. re: ultbil

          Chickpea has the far superior falafel IMHO. Never had falafel that good before. Raised the dish to a whole other level for me. I utterly fail to grasp why Mamoun's is considered so great. My visits to the (original) MacDougal Street Mamoun's have been very disappointing for both falafel and schawarma. (Bad timing maybe?) And I'm a major cheapskate, so lemme tell ya, if I'm willing to pay twice as much for falafel at Chickpea ($4 when tax is included, vs. $2 at Mamoun's, I think) then that's really saying something.

          Haven't made it to Taim or Yummy S. yet. Or Azuri for that matter.

          Oh, and hey Save, parking has gotta be atrocious in both locations. Take the subway.

          1. re: Ike

            Try getting felafel at Hoomoos Asli, but don't get shawarma there. I've been there once and found their felafel way moister and way more flavorful than Chickpea's; conversely, their shawarma is dry and overcooked and Chickpea's is much better.

            1. re: Ike

              Went to a party that was catered by Taim - and ate waaaaay too much. The falafel are small, about walnut size, and come in different flavors. The spicy ones are awesome. All flavors are crispy on the outside, tender on the inside.
              The eggplant salad is pretty amazing too.

          2. Honestly can't go back to Chickpea after being to Yummy Shwarmy over in my neck of the woods. I just think it is so much better for the price, but Mamoun's always had a place in my heart. Pray tell, what is there new place like? Shiny, Kitschy? Grubby like the old one?

            1. I haven't been to Yummy Shwarmy (that's where?), but I am very glad to have Chickpea in my neighborhood and also that it's open so late so often. I like the chicken shawarma (I have it with hummus, spicy mixed-vegetable pickles [cauliflower, etc.], red onions, and sometimes some salad or/and sauerkraut, and add plenty of tahini and hot sauce) and the lentil soup. However, I'll certainly try the new branch of Mamoun's and see what I think of it.

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              1. re: Pan

                yummy shwarmy is over on 7th and bleecker next to bleecker street pizza. Imho, a better place for chicken shawarma, though chickpea is strictly superior for falafel.

                1. re: Nick F.

                  Hmmm...I've found their felafel too dry and too salty.

                  I'll try to keep Yummy Shwarmy in mind for the times I'm in the West Village.