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Your current favorite BLT?

Anywhere in LA.

Thanks much in advance.

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  1. I love the one at Coffee Table in Eagle Rock- it also has avacado and you get a choice of sides- salad, chips/salsa, beans, etc. Get the fries- pretty darn great.

    1. My current favorite is the albacore BLT at Beacon: thick bacon, med. rare tuna, greens, tomato, on a good roll.

      1. Probably not what you're looking for, but I liked the vegan blt at Nite Moon Cafe in Hollywood. I hear the one at M Cafe is good too.

        1. The best one I've had was actually at Chabuya, the bread was a kinda puffy bao roll and the Bacon was a slice of Fat Pork Belly (looked like Panchetta) and the Mayo was of course, Kewpie!! Yummm...


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            Dommy -- BLT at Chabuya? Is this on the Alternative Secret Menu? I didn't know that they had anything like this...perhaps I just can't get past their traditional noodle soup!

            Tell me more? I have been there a number of times -- dinner only...what else do they have? Is this a lunch menu?

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              It's on their appetizer section. Something like Puffy Bread Sandwiches. It's not really a BLT, but it pretty much is. I also love their Shu Mai. :)

              Here's a picture I found:



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                Dommy, you are amazing...to have found such a great photo! Oh, yum! Next time we're hanging on Sawtelle -- which is pretty often! -- I will be sure to try this...thanks!

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              Dommy - I love your Asian interpretation of so many of our food queries. Most have come up with the standard BLT, but you came up with something from Chabuya!!! I love that about you!

            3. Auntie Em's in Eagle Rock has a rockin blt. Good thick bacon, rosmeary roll... it's great. The cupcakes aren't too shabby, either.


              1. Frank's Famous Deli in Glendale/Montrose.


                1. just add lobster for the club sandwich at spago...not too shabby...BLLT

                  1. The BLT at Town & Country in Silverlake is pretty tasty.

                    1. Hands down, the best blt I've ever had was at Lucques (8474 Melrose Ave., (323) 655-6277, http://www.lucques.com/ ). On their lunch menu, during summer tomato season only, I think. This sandwich was better than any other blt I've ever tasted by several orders of magnitude.

                      1. I've never tried the gourmet version at Lucques, but I am very fond of the way the BLT comes out at John O'Groats--good chewy bread, ultra-crispy bacon, good tomatores.

                        1. I LOVE BLT's, and I always liked the double-smoked hickory BLT at Kokomo's in the Farmer's Market. But after a recent post here, I'm going to reserve judgement until I try the BLT at the Lucky Boy greasepit in South Pass. See link, and P.S. There ain't no such thing as TOO MUCH BACON!


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                            PS, when I was at Luck Boy, I heard a guy order his BLT on sourdough. Thank god that's an option. The white bread was my only hesitance in ordering the BLT.
                            ...we need spellcheck on here. Is that how hesitance is spelled?

                          2. Try Square One - they use incredible thick cut Nueske bacon that is to die for. Plus farmer's market heirloom tomatoes.

                            1. Had one for lunch today at Dish in La Canada, $7.95 with fries and it was outstanding.


                              1. The BLT at 410 Boyd is an extremely decadent and delicious one. Really thick & smoky bacon plus avocado and a ton of brie put it over the top. Plus - it is served with what might be LA's best shoestring fries. You can't go wrong!

                                1. SF Saloon on Pico has a decent BLT. The bacon is crispy, the sourdough is toasted, the tomatoes are tasty, and the mayo is just right... (BTW - I am not a bacon fan unless it's in a BLT!)

                                  1. I like my own. :) With rocket, iceberg, and avocado mayo. Bacon has to be hot, tomatos full of flavour so its a seasonal thing to be sure! Prefer ciabatta roll over any other. Some fresh mozz or bocconcini if available doesnt hurt it either.

                                    1. Just had a great one at the Lovebirds in Pasadena. The bacon was cut up into little pieces, sort of like oversized bacon bits. Some of the bits fell out of the sandwich, but they were too delicious to go unconsumed. Much to my companion's amazement, I asked for no mayonnaise, which I don't like on anything, so it was a little dry.

                                      Lovebirds Pasadena
                                      921 E Colorado Blvd
                                      Pasadena, CA 91106