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Aug 14, 2006 09:48 PM

In need of a somewhat healthy New Orleans-type recipe??

Going to an outdoor music performance this weekend with cajun/zydeco music and our group is bringing New Orleans type food to munch on. Having never been to New Orleans, I started looking for some good recipes and they all seem to be in the artery-clogging category!! Any suggestions for some good cajun-style recipe that could be considered healthy???

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  1. Well, Cajun and New Orleans are really two different things. Not to be pedantic, just making a point of cultural pride. But, if you are cooking for a group i would do a chicken and sausage jambalaya. the ingredient should be widely available and it is pretty easy to make.

    I have not made this one but Emeril has a reliable feel for this sort of cooking:

    not SUPER healthy or anything but not horrible for you either

    1. I have made this lightened up version of jambalaya. To even further lighten it, I used chicken andouille sausage and brown rice (need to cook it a little longer if you use brown rice).

      1. A lifetime ago I was a cardiac rehabilitation dietitian in Baton Rouge. I used to teach people how to make a version of roux by heating only flour in a dry skillet or in the oven, stirring frequently and watching carefully, until it was well-browned. Then add just a little fat and your flavorful broth and end up with similar flavor to a traditional roux for your gumbo or etouffee.

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          That's exactly what I was going to suggest. A friend, a health conscious physician who is a nola native, made a gumbo with a dry roux for me and it was of the best I've had. She emphasized the "watching carefully" as well.

        2. I've never heard of a dry roux before - what a great idea. I make a gumbo type thingee that is very healthy and delicious. You can use smoked turkey for the meat. The day before braise smoked turkey parts in water about halfway up the height of the meat in a dutch oven - simmer for about an hour 1/2. Refrigerate overnight. Next day pick off the meat and remove the fat from the liquid. reserve the meat. In the liquid, cook a lot of minced oinion, red & green bell pep., sliced celery, some whole garlic (less sharp if not chopped) - for a half hour. Last 15 minutes add a little thyme & oregano, 3 bay leaves, 2 pinches of dry red pep flakes, and Better than Bullion chicken base or salt to taste. Add your dry roux to thicken. Add the chopped turkey meat. Serve over rice.

          1. I'm from Louisiana and can't believe I'm suggesting this!! You can certainly do red beans and rice with turkey sausage in the beans. Other than that, there's no oil/fat in the beans, but the turkey will still impart the smokey/meaty flavor. Brown rice and a salad on the side and you're good to go!