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Dinner at La Croix last week

We did the tasting menu. It was... OK. The kobe beef was good, but you will find better fois gras at Monoprix in Paris, and the bite-sized portion was a bit of a joke. The decor was great and the service was very casual: no fish knives for seafood and they almost forgot the steak knives. Wines were correct. I left hungry and I had 5 courses plus dessert, which should not be. We got out of there for $240 for two. Le Bec Fin owns this place based on that meal.

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  1. Unfortunately, your experience is not unique. See this thread from a couple of years ago: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/...

    1. An overrated restaurant in an overrated hotel, the Rittenhouse.

      1. Is this a new thing?? The last time i went (last Christmas) it was amazing. At the time it was my favorite restaurant in Philly and the best place for a special night out. Did something change?

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          On June 1st, Chef La Croix gave up his daily duties to become "ambassador chef." I suspect that means that he gets a regular pay check and they get to use his name.

        2. Yeah hojo -- i am with you, I did not have the original poster's experience at all myself. Everything was perfect, and I only had 3 courses and was stuffed. This was in April. I thought it was the best place I've been yet.

          1. I just can't recommend this place based on my experience. While the wine list was correct, the pours were on the mingy side, and served in one-size-fits-all glasses. I think the cost accountants must have gotten to the management at this place.

            1. Ok, so you got wines by the glass, and are upset with the pour size? Can you say a little bit more about your dining experience there, and why you were disappointed in it? I did not notice anything about pour sizes b/c I ordered a bottle.

              1. Did you talk to Eric the sommelier about the wines first? He's always been so friendly to me and definately gave us a great pour on each of the wines we ordered?

                1. I went with the house recs for the wine: a three-glass carte.

                  1. ok, but what about the food? That was what I was trying to get more info about.

                    1. The food was competent, but not extraordinary for this level. The most interesting thing was a single scallop cooked on a slice of peach with a sliver of pan-fried fois gras on top. The kobe was good just by virtue of it being real kobe. The short rib and veal saddle courses were OK, but were two bites each.

                      I suggest management increase the potion size, and raise prices by 10-20%.