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Aug 14, 2006 09:38 PM

Cincinnati restaurants that use local growers

The locavore thread on Not About Food has inspired me to be more mindful about eating locally grown food. Do you know of any Cincinnati area restaurants that use local growers as suppliers, or any particular dishes at restaurants that showcase locally grown food? The only place that immediately comes to mind is Tousey House (Burlington, KY), which closed earlier this year (and sadly before I had a chance to try it). I also think that I've seen Indiana goat cheese at a few places, maybe Honey and Jean-Robert at Pigall's. (I know, that's not really local, but it's closer.) Any ideas?

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  1. I think I recall reading that the owner/chef of Slims in Northside buys locally. Also perhaps Salt of the Earth (deli and catering) on Red Bank in Oakley/Madisonville.

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      Thanks for those suggestions, Emm. I had forgotten about Slims' commitment to local foods. I really have to give it another shot. I'm afraid I over-hyped it and also went with some very traditional eaters, which didn't make for a particularly enjoyable evening. Also, I live very close to Salt of the Earth and I have never been -- I don't know what's wrong with me! I will definitely put it on my list of go-tos. I wonder if What's For Dinner also buys locally ... I'll have to stop by and see.

    2. Julie Francis's place, Nectar, in Mt. Lookout is another likely candidate for using local produce.

      1. It's been awhile since I've been to Cincy, but I would think Daveed's may use local suppliers...I remember the menu using seasonal ingredients (and quite well, too.)
        You can check it out:

        1. I heard a piece recently on The Splendid Table (NPR) about the head chef for Kentucky State Parks trying to make more use of local produce. This was for various concessions or lodges in the state park system.


          July 29

          1. All of the Jean-Robert Group (Pigall's, JeanRo, PhoParis and Greenup) buy as much local as they can--and a lot from a woman named Sally who grows gorgeous stuff. Tomatoes, herbs, tons of vegetables and eggs, too. Rondo's in Cheviot buys local, Slim's grows a lot of his own stuff.