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Aug 14, 2006 09:25 PM

Cookies at Jin in Venice...

I need to send a couple of care packages tommorrow and wanted to send the girls cookies from a local bakery. I know Jin sells packaged cookies, but I haven't tried them and wondered if there was a favorite. If not Jin, then anywhere nearby or in Culver City I can pick up Packaged Cookies to send to some pals that are just YUMMY and would make them re-think their move from L.A.? ;)


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  1. never tried the cookies at jin.
    what about surfas or clementine's? i'm not sure if surfas has them but it seems like they would?

    also there's a farmer's market on main street on tuesday's but not until the afternoon. they might have cookies there?

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    1. re: Alice

      Thanks, I specifically need cookies that are packed up by the bakery and ready to be dropped in a care package with perferably the ingredents listed. In case you didn't see my post in the 'what about food' board, this the type of girls I'm dealing with here... LOL!


    2. I'm a big fan of her Macha Cookies, which have a very subtle green tea flavor to them and not sweet at all.

      1. I had the chocolate chip cookies a while ago and I remember liking them very much.

        1. I love her peanut butter cookies and the cornflake cookies

          1. I have had their cookies (forget which kind) and they were very good AND very expensive.

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              Read about these on belly du jour - I know your post read LA based; just a consideration.