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Good eats around UN Plaza Hotel?

Hi folks,

Will be visiting NYC for business shortly and staying at the UN Plaza Hotel.

Can someone offer some good eats within walking distance of the hotel? Both fine dining and casual/hole-in-the wall grub.

(Ran a Google Local search and came up with results that weren't very insightful.)

Thanks very much.

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  1. any particular cuisine?

    If you like Japanese I would try Sushi Yasuda or Sakagura.

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      No cusine in particular. I'm open to just about anything and no budget restrictions, either.

      Biggest factor for me is location to hotel.

      Thanks for the Japanese rec.

    2. Ideal Cheese around E.51st and 1st Ave has a great cheese and meat selection if you feel like bringing stuff to your room. I believe they make sandwiches as well.

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        Hey, that's a great rec. Thanks very much.

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          I should warn you that they may make you buy 1/4 pound/s as a minimium. But! They are extremely generous with taste tests. You might want to ask for a taste of their smoked gouda and some of their ham. Their chorizo, although pre-packaged is quite delicious and free of nitrates.

      2. For good Italian dining, L'Impero in Tudor City.

        1. 51st and First: Meltemi - Greek food - good grilled fish
          Wednesdays - small excellent branch of Greenmarket @ 47th Street for fruit, good bakery stuffs

          1. Also, Sip Sak (Turkish) on 2nd b/w 49-50.

            1. I second the L'Impero recommendation. The prix fixe is a fabulous value.

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              1. megu midtown on 46th and 1st is probably the nicest place around besides pampano.

                le bateau ivre on 51st between 2nd and 3rd is a fun cute bistro.

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                  I seem to be always pushing the bagels, but really, if you're at 51st and 3rd, Ess-A-Bagel is a dear favorite of mine...

                2. There are some good choices, including those previously mentioned. I'd add Pietro's, an old-fashioned Italian steakhouse - great food and service - on 43rd between 2nd & 3rd Aves. Also, Chin Chin (for upscale Chinese) and Pampano (for Mexican seafood), across the street from each other on 49th St., between 2nd & 3rd Aves.

                  1. Zarela - Really good Mexican food..unusual specials
                    Best Bagels and smoked fish - Tal on First @ 54th

                    1. On weekdays, from 12 to 2, you can get a very good buffet at the UN Delegates dining room; run by Restaurant Associates, the same folks who own Brasserie and others. It's about $25 and very high quality with a great view of the East River. You have to dress in a coat and tie, make a reservation, and go through security, but you'll eat very well and have a memorable experience a very short distance from your hotel. Your hotel can make reservations for you, for sure, but here's the number 212- 963-7625 and a link about the place http://www.realtraveladventures.com/O....

                      You don't have to pay the visitor fee to go to the restaurant.

                      Cameras and cell phones are allowed through security and the lines go very quick. Don't carry any fireworks.

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                        I've been to the delegates dining room twice while I worked at the UN a few years ago. The room itself is spectacular with sweeping views of the East River and the 59th St. bridge. Unfortunately the food is basically equivalent to what you'd get at a high end wedding. Not bad, mind you, but if it was served at any other restaurant in Manhattan it wouldn't be worth a post on Chowhound.

                        Go for the view, not the food.

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                          I agree- the view is the best part of the experience.

                      2. You are also near some great steak-houses. The Palm Too(44&2nd) is a classic NY spot, more relaxed then it's venerable brother across the street. The sirloin and the porterhouse are both excellent as is the cream o' spinach. Frank, the bartender, will never forget your name and pours a mean drink. Gus, the captain, has been there from the beginning. Its nothing fancy, but it is consistently good with a fun saw-dust-on-the-floor ambiance. Ask for a booth.
                        Also you have Woflgang's, Spark's and Blair Perrone in the area.

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                          Not to mention Ben & Jacks (44th betw 2-3rd) and Pietro's (43 betw. 2nd-3rd) - both excellent for steak.

                          1. I second L'Impero as a quality dining experience.