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Aug 14, 2006 09:12 PM

nice portland dinner for wedding gift

in lieu of giving cash or a gift to a friend who is getting married soon in portland, i'd like to treat them to a nice dinner. can anyone recommend a place that a foodie would appreciate in portland and from whom i could purchase a dining gift card? (i'll probably be spending one hundred or one-hundred fifty dollars.) is there a portland restaurant similar to Green Zebra in chicago or Chez Panisse? thanks.

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  1. Nothing as high end veggie as Green Zebra in Portland. But many places with a similar aesthetic to Chez Panisse (ie, simple, seasonal food done well).

    If you want a place that's both fancy-ish (for Portland) with good food, try: Wildwood, Paley's, Olea, Fenouil, Carlyle, or Hurley's. Each has their advantages and disadvantages.

    If you want a place that's a little more casual, but still has very good food, try: Alberta Street Oyster Bar, Park Kitchen, or clarklewis.

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      I'd agree with most of those options, although I have yet to eat at Alberta or Carlyle. I'm not crazy about Wildwood however. I know a lot of people love them, but based on my experiences it's a little ho-hum. Not to mention I've heard less than savory things about their back kitchen. I think Park Kitchen can be pretty romantic and very Portland.
      If you're wanting to do something a bit outside Portland I recently had one of the best dinners I've had in years at the Painted Lady in Newberg.

    2. I will second the recommendations for Paleys or Fenouil. Fenouil has a bit of elegance to it that I like, the soaring ceiings and fireplaces, walls of glass .. and very good food.

      I think as a gift, Fenouil might make a good impression ~

      1. Alba Osteria would be a good choice and is probably a little more unexpected as a gift than the usual list mentioned above. Plus, being in Raleigh Hills it sort of feels like it's outside Portland without actually being outside Portland.

        1. thanks to all for the recommendations. i think i'm going to go with Olea, only because the owner apparently designed a couple of restaurants here in chicago, where i am, and studied design at the art institute of chicago. there's a nice connection, albeit a non-gastronomical one.