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Aug 14, 2006 09:12 PM

3rd Annual Brooklyn Pie Social 9/23 -- Application online now

I remember that last year I learned about the Pie Social too late and missed it, so I'm linking the application now. I'm seeing that you can order just tickets in advance, which makes me wonder if tickets are even available the day of.

Would love to hear impressions from people who have attended in past years. (Not much CH commentary from the past 2 Socials.) Worth going? The fact the pies will be all homemade is a huge incentive to go. Great cause as well -- benefit for the a local school in Brooklyn.

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  1. As a two-time Pie Socialist, I'd say it's definitely worth a visit. In the last 2 years, plenty of tickets were available the day of, so don't worry about that. The application is mostly for pie bakers, so they have a sense of how many pies people will be bringing. Last year the bakers almost outnumbered the eaters--the Social certainly needs more hungry pie eaters! It's really a fun family outing.

    For anyone wondering what the Brooklyn Pie Social is, it's a big spread of pies made by your friends and neighbors (no commericial bakeries or restaurants). You can bring a pie or two, or just come to eat. I believe the tickets are $25, which gives you 5 tickets, with each ticket good for a slice of homemade pie (if you bring pies, you get cheaper tickets). Of course, the pies vary in quality, but it's very fun to stroll up and down the tables seeking out your favorites. It's held down near Brooklyn Bridge Park, across from Bubby's. I'll be there, in my vintage apron pushing my French plum tart and spiced peach pie. Come say hello!

    1. unfortunately Sat. Sept. 23rd is Rosh Hashanah which will make it difficult for some people. I contacted Bubby's and let them know. They are going to look into it and may consider moving the date - they're not sure if it's possible - so check back in with them in a week or so to be sure of the date.

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. the date of the Bubby's Pie Social has been changed to September 24 - so it says on the website:

          1. Kicking this up, as signup deadline approaches.

            Please note new date of Sunday, the 24th.